~CRK Who?

I’m just your average author who realizes that dreamers are not put on this earth to make money, but to instill some kind of values into this world. So, what’s my purpose? I have no idea.

I am a writer and a baker. I go by the pen name of ~CRK. I am well-aware that you’re thinking “what a strange pen name,” and, indeed, it is. I like it that way. The things I write tend to be a convergence of dreams and reality–the essence of my subconscious, which is not wierd and wonky and macabre like most people’s views of the subconscious. Mine is more dream-like and innocent…though now it’s more of a fine line between childlike and psychological insanity–but not in a bad way–oh, I give up.

The way I write is old-fashioned and completely out-of-date. Remember classical literature? I hope so! If you’re a literary person, someone who likes to analyze things, or just someone who feels they don’t belong…come to me, I say. You shall find solace.

A Francophile who loves everything old-fashioned or forgotten.


I do basically nothing here except show some short stories I got published in literary magazines and talk about random things in my other blog.

Whatever else about me shall be found within the crevices of what I write.




I basically ramble randomly about literary topics or whatever is on my mind. Every week, I write a “weekly ramblings” installment in which I write (completely impromptu without any revising or proofreading) whatever is on my mind at the time (usually literary things). I also like to talk about my recent books–of which there are many!

Please feel free to read some of my blog posts and to recommend my books, blog, websites, etc. etc. and engage in all other forms of social media–blah blah blah. Whatever floats your boat; I shall remain here regardless.

Also, just so you don’t get confused…here are my active sites. [UPDATED!]

Author blog:  https://penguingirl12.wordpress.com/

This blog!

Smashwords Profile:  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ClaireKatsionCRK

My Smashwords profile, where you can find many stories on e-book for free

Author Website: http://authorcrk.yolasite.com/

My OFFICIAL author website!

Figment Account: http://figment.com/users/193626–CRK

My account on Figment.com, where sneak peeks of new stories and never-before-seen musings can be found!



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