I Almost Won $30,000 (& publishing)

Posted On May 6, 2016

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Direct all attention to this book, which can be bought in print at this website (It’s delivered right to your door!)





That doesn’t even seem possible the more I think about it.

I was grumpy from all the months I spent formatting the book for self-publishing and just kind of said I would enter it into the CHANTICLEER (Chanti-reviews) SOMERSET AWARDS for literary/contemporary novels. So I did. Of course, it takes a while to ehar back, but when I saw my name on the finals list–for the first time ever in my life for anything–I ran screaming around my house for the longest time.

I’ve never won ANYTHING let alone something this big. And to be THAT CLOSE to fame was driving me mad.

Naturally, of course, I’ve been writing like a madwoman ever since that singular day I decided to check whether my internet was working.

As much as I’d love to promote this book out the back door, I can’t do much justice since it’s only on self-published format, and the copies are quite expensive to procure (for me) to go handing them out to everyone I see.


So I will direct you towards the print and to the announcement that I will be making a 113 facts about the novel (in the style of 107 facts if you know about that on Youtube) that I will be posting RIGHT HERE once I get it done. I’d make a video, but I’m too awful at it.


There is also a “sequel” in the future for Beyond the Further Sea which is known as Further Shores Than I Can See.


Right now, I understand what makes Beyond the Further Sea so special, but I still can’t get over it. I’m just glad that literary bigwigs at least pointed my way and said “Hey, This. This is pretty good.”


I’m just on cloud 9 right now.


Facts coming soon!



But wait what’s it about?


A contemporary literary novel for adults and young adults (15+ recommended solely because it’s pretty dark and some bad stuff happens)


When Felicia discovers a stray journal sitting on a park bench, she rescues it from the rain. Finding companionship in the journal’s cream-colored pages, Felicia begins filling it with poems and her letters to the stars as she continues to grieve over the recent death of her sister, Charlotte.

But when the journal’s pages begin to fill mysteriously with other kids’ stories and handwriting, Felicia realizes this is no ordinary notebook.

The kids’ five stories weave in and out, drawing connections between their distant, seemingly-disconnected lives. As contemplates the others’ words and her own, Felicia finally realizes what she must do to move on.

Gripping, emotional, and psychological, this novel draws a thin line between different lives and humanity


[The novel is written in journal-style format with different fonts for each character. Each character, also, writes in a different literary style.

Felicia writes poetry and verse, Aubrey is very traditional, book-report-ish; unnamed boy is very experimental form, Rebecca’s entries are traditional journal-style, and Jason’s are very traditional narrative in style.]


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