Accept Me. Make Me Relevent

Posted On January 26, 2016

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Touched controversial subjects with panache

created a groundbreaking series that treats children like mature adults and teaches them lessons that will follow them the rest of their life, not following the traditional moral lessons of cartoons but instead focusing on creativity, productivity, honesty, and other values that will turn them into greater adults

make a recording series about talking dogs that not only provides relevance to culture and social media without sounding cliche and stupid but also provides intricate stories about the troubles that come with creativity, 3-dimensional characters, intelligent commentary about life–and not only that, but major episodes feature that social media interaction can bring confidence to shy people and bring them out of their shell if they are willing and a story of “defying fate” that actually follows the intended path, showing that life isn’t all that bad and everything works out for the good. Also religion, ad I am not afraid of that

crafted beautiful, breath-taking books that cover the following subjects: the longing feeling to be something to someone or to reach out but being afraid and shy to do so, personifying facets of a person’s personality into manifested beings that teach us more about ourselves, a story of belonging that covers every magical and kind trait of humanity that can form a more beautiful world, a journal that is shared among 5 different kids whose entries in turn teach each other about what they were missing in life, a novel about the healing power of gems and natural remedies that acts like a magical girl series that focuses on self-healing and emotional self-control
More books include: literary works that unravel the mystery of depression and treat it as it really is, a book that deals with the concept of suicide and paints a world where the main character tries to choose life, an entrancing novel about a mysterious encounter with a ghost that is the thin veil of something that was once rejected without any intention of doing so consciously by the person, story about the odd and intrinsic feeling of being born too late, a book that paints the realities of being psychic, a novel that redefines everyone’s perceptions of writing and living and what makes a real story worthwhile

most defined author of creating characters that feel more real than anyone or anything in this dimensional plane

the only author that could write stories like the ones she pours her soul into for us

contribution of being honest and open about herself and her work without giving in to peer pressure and fame and being completely open about opinions and understanding of others so as to create a path for communication instead of building walls to keep out others’ ideas and opinions

constantly tackles new subjects and ideas with panache

is probably seen as the strangest person alive to not only record episodes on a daily basis but also provides all the voice work for all the characters herself and consistently acts out episodes entirely impromptu. albeit with bad sound quality

inspired multiple kids and adults to start a literary group

consistently donated funds and established fundraisers

formed a society of her own using fan artists to define her work for her, thus establishing careers and prominent names for otherwise unknown artists with great work ethics and boundless talents

much, much more


Please. If you like my resume, accept me into this living world so that I may dazzle all of you.
Please. I promise I can do all of this and more.
Accept me…


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