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Posted On November 28, 2015

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Sigh. Well, hello there, World. Sigh. Just how do I go about saying all this?

Well, first of all, I feel I should pleadingly express that, as a budding author, I want nothing more fervently than to add my meek voice to this very loud and expressive world in attempt to create thought and to inspire something as we all strive to do when one creates a compelling narrative or spend years upon years imbuing one’s soul into such powerful ideas. I’d really just love nothing more than to know that my words are doing something. That they are filling a void in a young girl’s life or spreading inspiration across a meaningful landscape, igniting love again in humanity.

That being said, I really would just like to say something fully and honestly—without means for offense or really for attention. I have something in my heart that is brimming through me so much that I have to release all my emotions in potent, poetic words. I’m sorry if I happen to get too emotional, but this means a terrible lot to me.

As you all may or may not know about me, I positively adore France and French culture to a near obsessive level. My thoughts are constantly tinted by the Tricolore, and I truly believe my heart resides there even though I have never been once formally graced by the majestic continent’s presence nor have I been privileged to have been discovered to be formally part of the heritage. It may be just a fool’s dream, but I feel such an intrinsic, passionate connection to that land and those people—so much so that the recent events left me entirely heartbroken to a fault as it shattered my life and screeched me to a dull, hollow standstill. So much that the mere smell of true French cuisine wraps me in a gentle embrace and reminds me that I do truly belong somewhere in this meaningless world.

I want to stand even closer. I want to understand even more. Recently, I read an article about how Paris est une Fête (or, as we all know it, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway) became revenant and blossomed as a symbol during these troubled times. Everyone scrounged for a copy in France, holding it dear as a sweet, nostalgic portrayal of Belle Paris that we all hold dearly to our hearts. Paris is, of course, truly Romantic, a vision we all hold dear of a simpler life filled with beauty and latent of troubles. I am no different, of course, for I have always searched for some kind of joy to hold dear to my heart to get me through my depression and other troubles in my life. Nothing brightens my day more. If I dare say, I believe it now more than ever to be true love.

And that’s why it’s confused me more and more that I happened to pick up I’ll Be Waiting For You There Come Tomorrow again now of all times. A book that haunted me in 2014 with its dreamy descriptions of landscape and its simpler portrayal of human ideals and the simplicity of beautiful life comforts me now as I escape to its dewy-eyed and hopeful sonnets and odes to an ideal future we can paint with our own hearts and hands. For scattered moments, I regretted continuing work on my novella; I blamed myself for something that had nothing to do with myself. I wondered why now, of all times, I would think of my beloved France and only cry that it would be lost to words. But that was never the case, was it? Seeing everyone come together and understand with loving words and symbols of Paris… Seeing the French stand together proud of themselves and their culture—untouched. It moved me extremely. I knew it wouldn’t be something that would fade so easily as I had feared. Only a rogue nightmare among a legion of sweet dreams.

That being said, I’d love to contribute to this rising stream of pride and nostalgia. This sense of understanding and connection. I admit right here, right now, that I’ll Be Waiting is entirely about France. The idea came to me just as I was a novice Francophile wondering about the beauty of such a familiar yet mysterious place. Every longing soliloquy about belonging and reaching for the story of the land to take it in loving arms is all me projecting my feelings into the novella’s narrative along with Annistelle and, perhaps to an extension, anyone who feels the same connection and sense of belonging. Yes, certainly, it is a book about many things—simplicity of humanity, what makes us meaningful at our core, seeking the wonder in everything, as well as a sense of belonging that really anyone could attach to themselves and their imaginations. But this, naturally, is what I had in mind all along. And I intend to keep it that way all the way through—even more so now.

And so, in dedication to all those who stand in solidarity with France and dear Paris and all those who stand confident and poised in such a beautiful culture, I shall dedicate this book and my efforts to you. Officially—for the projected publishing day that waits sometime in April 2016. And, not only that, I feel I want to do even more. I hope that, with your help in funding my novel project on Inkshares and supporting my authorial efforts via Twitter, I would love to add a special project to the list and gather the aid of a translator to bring copies of the novella in French, as well. I would be so terribly honored if I could do so.

For now, I will cement this idea as a tier in the novel’s funding project. My first goal is to hit 100 followers (I’m already at 36 and am grateful for each and every one!) and, naturally, to finish penning the full manuscript (which is entirely drafted) in due time before I can set up the official pre-purchase phase in which everyone can buy copies of the book to support its publication. Realistically, I would lean toward setting up the translation goal as the publishing goal reaches near 500 or its full goal for publication, but I would love any support you can give until then.

I’m not quite sure how to put this into words, but please consider helping support me. If you know of a good translator or happen to contact one, I will be forever indebted to you! I’ve been studying French for quite some time, but I’m far from being able to construct my knowledge of the language into a literary format that retains the same ideas I present in my version. But I’d love to learn, naturally.

Meanwhile, please consider supporting my book project on Inkshares[.com] by signing up (for free!) and following my book (also free!) and sharing this note wherever you can post text. Search either author name ~CRK (yes, with that little symbol) or the title I’ll Be Waiting For You There Come Tomorrow (you can shorten it to simply “I’ll Be Waiting”). Follow all updates on Twitter with the hashtag #TBTS to hear more about what’s going on with I’ll Be Waiting!


Thanks to everyone that took the time to read this. It truly means everything to me. I really hope this dream can become a reality. I was in tears when I wrote this, of course (as I always am), professing my passionate desires to reach out and to help others as well as spreading love and meaning.

I hope this letter finds you all well, and I dream of a beautiful future with you as well as returning gently to those dreamy nostalgic days that will always be alive in our hearts.


Follow your dreams,





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