Posted On May 25, 2015

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And here it is!


There you can find things about me, my books, some excerpts from books, and the other sites I will be sharing for “official” purposes.

And those sites are:

Author blog:  https://penguingirl12.wordpress.com/
Smashwords Profile:  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ClaireKatsionCRK
Author Website: http://authorcrk.yolasite.com/
Figment Account: http://figment.com/users/193626–CRK

These will also now be branded (or stickered…is that I word?) to the back of each book!

Finally, I’m organized! Also, I promise I will be updating these sites on a regular basis and maintaining that sort of “author status quo” (even though I currently have no reputation).

And as for this blog…I’m terribly sorry that I will not be doing the monthly anime reviews because my new computer refuses to download flash player (maybe it has learned from my past computers’ lives), and so I cannot access Crunchyroll at all. SIGH.

So please expect the usual “weekly ramblings” to return…at least after May ends.

Have a wonderful day!



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