Fancy Ladies Club Book One Out Now!


Book one of the Fancy Ladies’ Club series is officially published and available for purchase at! Because pictures and things are not recommended on e-books (and because yours truly is technologically-challenged), here are the extra pages of the book with puzzles and the collectable calling cards. It is on a Powerpoint document, and I locked it so you can only print it and not modify it at all. Sorry about that. I thought it would be nice for readers to be able to print out the puzzles and cards. Hopefully someday the book will be in print so we don’t have to worry about this kind of nonsense…hehe

Happy reading! ^_^


Website is here:

P.S. This was originally an idea my mom pitched to me, and I kinda made fun of it for a while. Now, it’s one of my favorite series… I will definitely keep writing these books. (I have a total number planned…but that number is a secret…)


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