Do Ya See What I’m Sayin’?

Posted On November 5, 2014

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Sigh. There is only one thing that bothers my mind lately as I walk from the path of author to the path of baker/pastry chef/chocolatier once again (Yes, I am frolicking in chocolate now. I love to temper chocolate…it’s therapeutic). It is a singular issue that bothered me while in school one day. It is the fact that apparently there are some people out there that have absolutely no concept of reading comprehension. And by that I mean even simple sentences and concepts. What is a writer to do in these sort of situations?

As someone who mainly writes because the forces within my soul compel me to do so, I tend not to pay head to those who will eventually be receiving and reading said 86 novels (I am seriously up to 86 now. Or maybe even more than that…). Though, I have been getting better lately. It used to be that I wasn’t very good at analyzing texts (I still am not a genius in this), so I would often include simple explanations or rewordings of things I previously stated or of symbols and allusions included in the book that are too important to be glossed over. This is where my famous “~CRK sentences” come in handy. In addition, I make sure that I don’t include obviously difficult material or big words in books intended for kids and label super-intelligent books with the FM seal (Nah, just kidding. But there are some books on par with FM’s brand of genius). But is that really enough? How can we make it so that these books can be enjoyed and understood by anyone?

Well, there are some things authors can do (Besides write our own Sparknotes–just kidding). Consider the reader. While there are some out there that are really intuitive and capable of picking up on all the subtle literary devices, some people can’t find them as easily (I am included, by the way…to a small extent). So, including a simple summary in the form of a sentence or even a line of dialog can assist those in understanding what is going on so far. It is too much to have a whole chapter or insane paragraph explaining everything because then those who know everything already get super bored. I admit to sometimes giving in and including a whole section of explanation, so I’m not a perfect writer. We can also talk to our readers and maybe hold a small meeting or make a video discussing or explaining the main themes and points we wanted to convey in our books. It is OK for people to read things differently and to have unique opinions about things, but it is a different thing entirely if a simple sentence isn’t conveyed or understood. Be patient and try your best. (That goes for everyone I suppose)

(Sorry that this post is rather short and vague…I am not well-versed on research and that, and if I try to write a research paper, it will literally never get written)


Currently, I am getting back into baking and am making chocolates (homemade) and cookies for Christmas baskets. Please try some of my artisan chocolates. Meanwhile, I write out the plots of my new novels.


I will attempt to begin my debut on the video side of things…because I have a little obsession in making recordings.

Unfortunately, they will be audio only for the most part…but I shall start with a Let’s Play series about Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and then start in with my “A Fellow Pastry Chef Analyzes Yumeiro Patissiere” (one of my favorite anime for completely sentimental and nostalgic reasons).

Please bear with me as I know not what I am doing when it comes to technology ^_^’

But there will be pictures and side-comments in addition to the audio, so you can look for those—unless you want to just turn on the video and listen (or play along with the video game).

(Other things I have in mind will include reading my novels for no good reason and uploading “watch me type” videos I make via the magical device known as Hypercam 2)


One Response to “Do Ya See What I’m Sayin’?”

  1. titansz

    In my experiences especially at work, one word to two people has completely different meanings. The best thing to be able to communicate is understanding -least on my part.

    Keep doing what you love to do. There will be many roads traveled, many paths taken, lots of challenges and hard times. Always remember, no mater what road/path you rake there will be supporting and cheering for you ALWAYS!
    ^͜ ^

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