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Posted On October 1, 2014

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Well, at long last, I’ve returned to writing. I spent the longest time frolicking in the idea of starting my baking career and pursuing those such endeavors like starting a business or getting a job that my writing persona left me for a while. But, of course, none of those goals became anything or got me anywhere, so here I am back writing again. And I’m comfortable to be back steadily writing once more with at least three stories/novels in my handbag.
And what better way to return to my author persona than to rekindle my blog and talk about how I don’t have a persona as an author?

Everywhere I look, I get confused. Every time I research the author market or how to get published, I get confused. Every time I ask myself where I’m going from here and how I’m going to get there in reality, I get confused. And every time I ask myself “Just what in the world is an ‘Indie author’?” I get insanely confused because it seems like there is no answer. (Sorry if you came here looking for an answer, because I don’t have it!)
Look at all these books and e-books flying around in literary space lately! I feel so lost in the mix. I feel like I need to learn how to fly a rocket to get around anywhere! (Obscure “it’s not rocket science” reference/joke) So what are budding authors like yours truly (and maybe even you! Or your dear friends that happened to stumble on my page) supposed to do?
Well, I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I can do! I’m out of luck!

You see, I’m not your typical writer–or typical person–or typical entity or whatever. Most people (when they find out I’m actually a writer by trade and God-given talent) tell me I should pursue writing as a career, but I must sadly tell them that there is no career to be made! Most sensible people would call me capricious–and that’s with a venomous tone or with a hint of distaste. It’s true after all…I run on feelings. My belief is that the book must be imbued with true feeling or else it’s empty. So that means I rarely force myself to write anything, and if I’m having a bad day–forget it!
But then there are times (like now) where I’ll write nonstop for weeks because I have the “fever” or the inspiration. That is simply when the influence or muse is with me, and I can soar. In a sense, it gets to the point where the current story or book is literally all I can think about every second of every day. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and have to write something down. I’ll carry the book with me everywhere. I’ll stay up late at night driving myself insane.
Could you imagine if I were like this all the time? Well, there are moments I do wish I were that way…but, as I think about it, I’m really glad I’m not like this all the time. It’s nice to have those “off” times or those moments that solely exist for me to submerge myself in hours of media that will later be processed subconsciously and added to a later story.
(Speaking of which…that’s what happened! I will not say what influenced the vibes of my current novel-in-progress…which, incidentally, is known by me as PW2WC. I will not tell its full title–only the abbreviation)

So, as you sit here staring blankly at the screen while silently berating me for posting this at 8:00 at night (It’s still today!), you are probably asking me (or demanding me to tell you) “What’s your point?! I thought this was a post on indie authors!”
Well…yes and no. This is more a post on what makes an indie author and a totally “writing for fun” author.

There is a sad difference between a career and a fun hobby. And, most of the time, it is that small, simple word “fun.” If I had deadlines and cash sitting at my back forcing me to finish three novels a year, I wouldn’t be having any fun. So, unfortunately, with the way I am, I have to keep this on the “hobby” side of things. Sure I’d love to publish books someday and connect with my readers like any author…but for now, my success level is limited. Plus, the more I read about everything…the more complicated and confusing it sounds!

So what is there for a silly, daydreaming writer to do? Write, of course! Never stop believing in yourself, and find that story you are meant to tell. It is good to take time to polish it or find its true colors instead of rushing through it. It is important, and the process should be savored. Much like making homemade soups or pastries. (Sorry…I’ve been thinking about making soups for a while now…mmmm And I love the cool weather! Time to hit the kitchen and bake up some goodies!)

But…OK…If you insist…here’s what I managed to gather (At least…I think this is how it goes…)

“Indie” authors are simply authors that have been contracted by independent publishing houses–smaller, self-owned places. They do not take unsolicited manuscripts anymore and are becoming pretty strict on what they will take.
Totally independent authors (a term that I came up with just now) are those folks that feel they have something important to say and publish their own stories, books, novels, what have you using their own means and skills. Like me with my account on Smashwords.com. You’re in it on your own.
There are also some publishing houses or companies or websites that allow you to make your own print books (or print-on-demand, but that’s different, too), but you have to handle the marketing and selling yourself. Some places won’t even consider your book unless it’s been professionally edited or unless they like your story.

Basically…it’s complicated! The world is changing, and there aren’t many jobs out there for us English majors anymore. We just have to keep going and to hope for the best…

But my books are too wierd to be understood or accepted by the populous. Especially the one I’m working on now! (Don’t get me wrong, I love PW2WC. But the ideas of my sister 2014 books would make any philosopher faint from shock or maybe even start following me as the greatest mind of today’s age. No really. It scares me)


I have returned! [throws colorful bags of artisan chocolates]
Please expect the following posts to arrive as part of my “weekly ramblings” installments:
“The Legacy of the Elusive One and the Aura of the Melancholic Muse” (about my two biggest influences [and eras] and how their parallelism constantly puts them at odds with each other)
“Everyone Wants to be a Muse” (and how yours truly still relates to the Romantic Era)
“Making a Name for Yourself or For Your Book” (this is another “nonsense” post in which I explain my outlook on being famous and how that changes the light of your books)
“Finding the Connections of Eras” (and why I am now labeling everything I write with the date and/or the era mark!)
[Something about the 2014 sister books?]
[more psychology and fun stuff! I love psychology!]

(I want to make artisan chocolates to hand out at Halloween because I am going to be dressing up as a certain someone this year…)

Yes, I write books. Not 1,000 every day, but I insist that out of my repertoire of 48 novels (and counting!) there will eventually be one just for you. This website shows my published works that you may read at your leisure. They’re free!

In the month of October, my novel (Subtle, Flowing Changes) shall be $2.95 because I am donating 10% of profits to a local animal shelter. Please tell your friends or feel free to buy a copy yourself!

And, for all you inquiring minds, these are the main novels I am working on now…as part of 2014 era:
These Days That Are
{This Book, That Song} [this book doesn’t have a title]

FFR (A side-story of mine that is literally for enjoyment only)

Life in the Shadows
I Have Seen the Future

And, eventually, the short story that will become the next free short story!

(As always, this list is subject to change…and I’m really sorry about the way I am. It’s just me!)


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