Daily Writing #1

Posted On August 19, 2014

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**I am going to try very hard to keep up with this. I plan to write something totally random for each day and post it online for no reason. I just really need to be more disciplined. Plus, I have tons of story ideas (most of which I have already gone through and separated the wheat from the chaff), most of which I barely care about, so I can write those without any remorse or insanity perfectionism. I shall, because of organizational reasons, be posting these Daily Writings on my random Tumblr blog so as not to flood this literary blog with nonsense. So, here is the first installment..hope you like it even though it is very plain and somewhat boring.

{Stray Cat Story}

*No idea where this is going…just a little idea I’ve had in my head a while. This will probably be a short story and not a book, so this is the first part. P.S. The main character is a girl somewhere in her 20s, I guess. I tend to make all my characters sound like they are only about 12 or whatever. No title yet…

I wish there were some sort of intrigue in my life—someone who really understands me and is willing to put up with my goofy, ironic self.

Everyone tells me I’m lucky to be working in a bakery, but I don’t have a taste for sweets at all—too sticky and syrupy. Of course, that makes me a good employee because everyone else can’t resist swiping a cookie or two or a little frosting here and there. If only they’d wash their hands after, then I wouldn’t mind.

Today is no different. I’m enclosed by the choking and unusual smell of sugar as it flows, boils, and stabilizes. Today I’m stuck decorating thousands of cupcakes with partially-melting buttercream frosting that has to be set in the fridge for 10 minutes every so often for it to withstand the scandalous summer heat. I don’t mind this job very much, for I didn’t have to make the buttercream from scratch today. I don’t know why, but boiling sugar has a very odd smell; it almost makes me dizzy. The frosting, oddly, isn’t as sweet as one would expect, though, for the chocolate they use here is good-quality, bitter chocolate. Plus the chocolate buttercream has coffee undertones, and I enjoy the taste very much.

Inbetween dressing a cupcake with a decorative swirl and transferring frosting to the piping bag, my eyes’ peripheral vision catches a cream-like blob of fur standing resolutely in the open back door. Quickly, I stop—as if frozen in disbelief and paralyzed by the feline’s emerald eyes. The cat doesn’t move an inch—only its tail fluctuates as though dancing in the refreshing breeze. Its fur is like velvet; it is a soft orange color that is accented by thin white stripes from its back to its tail. Its face is both young but full of wisdom—maybe even seeing beyond what the world has to offer. For the longest time, we just stare.

Where did it come from? Why is it just standing there? Is it hungry? I have nothing to feed it!

A blob of softened frosting falls on my hand, and the reality hits me back to my job. I have to finish these cupcakes!

By the time a dozen more cupcakes are properly decorated for the brigade, my eyes wander up, and the cat is gone.


Welcome to my literary blog. I regret to inform you that this is literally the only website I have now because I apparently have no luck with websites. (*AKA* My author website, which was on Blog.com, doesn’t exist anymore) You can find my literary ramblings here along with some facts about writing and structure. The only other sites/accounts which I hold now (relevant to this blog and my author persona) are…

Where my books may be “bought” for free

Where you may make a generous pledge that will be received by me ONLY when I publish a new NOVEL from the main list of novels which I meticulously hold. I promise I will not cheat you and charge for a stinky book or short story.

Which is mostly filled with random pictures of things I like…and will now be full of dumb stories and excerpts I shall be writing each day.

Please consider sharing my writing with your friends and setting aside a small pledge on Patreon for each novel I publish! Please don’t feel bad if it isn’t a lot of money–any amount is special and cherished by me!

Lately, I haven’t been in the mood to write because I plan on working towards my baking/pastry career. I assure you that I will have Step by Step done by next year or at the very least during next year (2015). I am almost done with Fancy Ladies’ Club book one. As for the free short stories, I shall let you know if any of these excerpts or random Daily Writings suddenly make the grade to be finished and published on Smashwords as the next free story. The “winning” story shall be a secret until it is released, though!
I guess what I am trying to say is that forcing myself to write eventually boosts my confidence or introduces me to something I end up liking. Plus I am bored of summer.

CURRENT BOOKS I AM WORKING ON (This list may change at the drop of a hat):
*{This Book, That Song} <<this is a total inside joke tentative title for something even more deep and philosophical than FM's books. And that's saying something [shunned]

Poppet's House for Guinea Pigs (I really really really really really want this to be a manga, but I can't draw)

[the Secret Book from May, 2014] (Yes, still)

Random short stories

*- Counts as a main novel if I finish it


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