Media is Plural for Medium (So Says Random Latin)

(I regret to inform you that I wrote this while on my road trip and have thusly edited it while copying it……so it is not entirely impromptu)

I like to watch the analysts’ videos on Youtube because I always find what they talk about to be interesting. They’ve helped me critique my own works and find new ways to look at things. Recently, CloudCuckooCountry posted a new video on a book, and he said something about not writing books as though they are films because they are different media for creativity {ha I know Latin kind of}. And so, I shall be rambling about this today because I happen to–unfortunately or not–think in anime first.

Maybe I’m not really a writer because my mind and soul naturally incline to process everything as an anime. 9 times out of 10, I want to have the whole story completely planned out–from plot to characters to vibes to symbolism & themes. And, yes, that means I must write episode or plot descriptions, which are provided to me by a [usually random] burst of inspiration which–9 times out of 10 (SFC being the most famous exception…ironically)–is a vision-like “movie” or anime-like animation playing in my head as I space out or drive or fall asleep {or rarely dream}. This is what connects most to me in the entire writing process; it is like empathetic projection in that I understand everything the characters are feeling and thinking while the plot unfolds. The images naturally move my heart (I almost always cry for some reason) and inspire me to take on this story that has found me–and thus the planning phase begins!

But, like I said, maybe I’m not a writer because it is really only a compensation; I cannot nor ever will animate, so I figure I must make do writing down the ideas and eventually the book to preserve the ideas and to attempt to capture and recreate the vibes and power behind the pretty pictures and perfectly-toned dialog. And expressions.
But that’s not to say I don’t notice a difference between the media–there’s always something I can’t recreate in either one as I go back and forth to write both the book and the descriptions.

For example, my newest untitled book about something or other {it has not been fully planned yet…I try to break the mold once in a while XD} features kids who are mediums to the feelings and memories of nature, so the book is full of insanity description and wording reflecting the properties of nature and the history of the land as the main character (I forget her name) wanders around. That is to say that the words and phrases used (which are odd and very old-fashioned) tend to mirror what occurred there or what the land represents. That made no sense, but whatever. And so, the anime version focuses instead on the character interactions, for the entirety of the narration and the descriptions of the land could only be presented fully in insane amounts of thinking dialog…or random bouts of wind-blown thinking scenes filled with silence and contemplation.That is to say the book is actually better…except for the random dramatic scenes.
And, as another example, my secret novel project (which is still a secret) is destined to be animated due to the fact that the anime version is insanely perfect and heartwrenching. The accompanying book reads a lot like a memoir or a journal (a lot like Mariah’s book, the last of the SFC Trilogy) with a lot of side-comments and musings. That is to say they hold the same feelings and events…but present them much differently. While the anime version is all about powerful emotions, the book moves in subtle ways and is more like his telling you the story as you sit beside him in the living room with the rocking chair and fireplace in the quiet evening.
Lastly, FM’s books hold their natural genius for which is he famous, but it is equally as intriguing to see the anime versions of his antics, for he is a chair, of course [[slight smile]], so it is only natural that his expressions speak volumes as well as his accompanying musings. {That was a long sentence} And that is all I have to say about that [[shunned]].

And so……….
It’s better to say that I use the visions to help me to write because I can only describe scenes when they are right in front of me. Plus, I know immediately what the vibe of the book/episode/chapter/scene is, so it is already in me. And we all know I need to write when I am in the mood with the feeling flowing through me as though I am the character. (Hence soul songs, which carry the soul of the character)
So, do I think it is better to write a book like a book or a book like a movie? I would say a bit of both. It is good to present the images in a way that people can see them (back then, they were presented in insanely abstract and genius ways; now, it is either insanity description or extremely simple random radio) and gain a little bit of perspective. It is also good to use the writing art to its best by evoking the power of words and their special brands of expression. I am well aware how vague that sounds XD Just remember that we all have our own ways… I am not here to tell you how to write, nor am I here to say that the way you write is wrong…

Except…sigh. Never mind. That’s for another day.

I just realized there are a lot of side-comments in this post…
Here are some more.

OK. I’ll name my pet peeves for writing…
I am most likely to throw a book across the room if…
1- It starts with “Hi. My name is blah. my hair is blah blah blah with blah blah eyes. I don’t remember who I am! Come follow me or whatever if you even care blah blah I’m a teenager so I’m like super smart and stuff.”
Or any stupid intro `a la that style. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
2- It is another bandwagon book. You know what I mean. BE UNIQUE, STANKIN.
3- It is a “Figment book” or a “Kidpub book” or an “Inkpop book.” Let me expound:
In my days of writing on these websites, I noticed a pattern in each of the books that were put out (not just the popular ones). “Figment books” were books that consist of bandwagon-like stories in a teenager way or books that sound so wonderfully unique, but they start with a teenager in high school or in a club, and I am so totally confused because it sounds nothing like the beautiful description they wrote.
“Kidpub books” are books where each chapter ends with “and then I blacked out” or some random cliffhanger out of NOWHERE.
“Inkpop books” are actually quite good; it’s just that they tend to include random parts of the book where it seems like they literally added this stuff just to say it is a 100,000 word novel. Or to add filler for some reason or another. This isn’t Naruto. STOP WASTING TIME!!
4- If the characters talk like actual teenagers. Yes, I realize I try to be realistic. But seriously; teenagers are idiots (I was, too, so I can say this). I’d rather read a book written by a four-year-old. And that’s saying something.
5- If it is horrendously written or contains so many errors that I subconsciously pantomime the last scene of Romeo and Juliet in which J dramatically kills herself.I do this quite often, as I am melodramatic.
6 through 100- I am too lazy and heartbroken to continue this list.

Random advertising section of this post:
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I tend to waste time watching these intriguing folks on Youtube…
(Tommy Oliver/BronyCurious)
(CloudCuckooCountry) [newest video: Orson Scott Card’s book, which is the thing I based this post on XD]
(AntonyC because he exists)

Also Nostalgia Critic, Cinema Sins, and other people that spend their days picking apart things that we normally wouldn’t notice or are blind to XD

P.S. I write novels even though I can’t make videos or draw…
AND THEY ARE FREE NOW~! So that means you can read them~! Please read my books~! This is me singing grandly like Big Brother does~! Because I recently have become so obsessed that I have started acting just like him~!
Gardens~! [spins]

Also, this is the worst post I have ever written XD Sigh

Ah~! Sekaiteki a ra modo~!


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