Make Your Own Maryan Book!

Hello… I just published The Adventures of Maryan for free on, and I felt it would be fun to include this little project for the kids to make. So, here are the means to do so.


Make your own Maryan book!

Make your own book and illustrations!

You will need:

About 36 pieces of printer paper

Some colorful construction paper

Tools to draw and color! (Markers, crayons, etc.)

Stapler with staples or a hole puncher (3-hole punch) and ribbons

Computer with printer

An adult’s help!


The file I am attaching explains it all in detailed and recipe-like fashion in the end of the text. Basically, you print either this convenient document I am giving you or you may print online using the downloadable file via Smashwords. In my humble opinion, you may use either, but I feel the Word file will print more neatly.

Next, let your kids run wild making their own illustrations on construction or colored paper. They may use markers, crayons, or whatever implement they prefer. If, like me, they are wary of drawing, they can also use stickers or online pictures if they wish; you can help with the cutting and pasting.

As for binding the book, make sure the paper is neatly stacked during the whole process. You can use a three-hole punch to punch holes in each individual stack of about five or so pages–make sure the holes line up (This is easy to do with a hole-punch). If you don’t use cardstock, it may be possible to staple through the whole stack of about 40 pages. But you may prefer to sue the hole-punch, as then you may bind the book using thin ribbon with any pattern your child prefers.

Here is a sad picture of mine XD

Does it look like a first grader drew it? If so, then I did really well…for once. That is about the extent of my drawing skill right there.




So, you may now get going on making your own book!

Here is the document for easy printing… (It is in the original font in bigger print)



If you prefer to use my sad-sack cover as seen on, here is the lovely image file:


Maryan Tile


Happy crafting and happy reading!




Read the book on e-reader or online here!


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