An Important Update

Ah! I’m so confused; the formatting and page has totally changed!!

Sigh. Well, here I am again. I have finally (FINALLY) regained my wings and have flown away from the chains of depression. So I am writing again! I am working on finishing Step by Step this year…hopefully by December at the latest. I am halfway done with writing, and revising won’t be too insane as it was in SFC.

If you’ve been by my Smashwords page lately…you’ll see that all my books and stories are free now. That is because I started a Patreon account! Patreon is a lovely thing that allows anyone to become a patron of the arts and to support their favorite creative individual in a small but monumental way. If you click the link below, you can set up a “pledge” to support me for each novel I finish and publish on Smashwords for absolutely free. With each novel release, you can pledge $1, $3, $5, or any generous amount of your choice. Keep in mind that conventional novels these days in paperback go for $14.95 or more, so this is a real steal and a really great way to show an author or artist you care. No worries about false charges or anything like that; you can even set up a budget so you don’t break the bank. (Not that I’m going to finish 20 novels a day)
Here is the link for your interest…

Any amount or consideration will be held dear to my heart and force tears of joy from my eyes.

Yes, I am still working on the free short stories I have been publishing for everyone. I have a bunch of random small ones that I may compile into a little book that I shall, of course, make totally free. Please look for this soon.

As for the kids’ books…I have finished one, but I feel remiss to publish it without illustrations, for that would be fun for the kids to see. But…I cannot draw for anything, and my illustrator has been busy with work, so I am stuck at the moment. I promised/planned to have one (“The Adventures of Maryan”) out in July, and I shall stick to that plan…unfortunately sans illustrations. I hope you will not mind this; the kids at my local school seemed to love it even without pictures; it inspires the imagination to create! If you’d like, you can offer them some paper to draw what they would think would be good illustrations, and you can print out the book to bind it for them. It would be a neat treat.

Speaking of binding books… I have been looking for another hobby (Yes, another one) to keep me occupied while I sit around in the air conditioning, and I have considered learning how to hand-bind my own books! I haven’t gotten very far in the process, but it doesn’t seem too complicated, so that is why I set aside the idea of giving away hand-bound books as a reward for a certain pledge level on Patreon. I usually make all my fancy booklets and things on Powerpoint, so please keep this in mind. The booklets turn out quite nice, but the print tends to be rather small; and the book won’t be a normal-sized book. I may, in the future, consider trying for a Kickstarter fundraiser for me to self-publish via on-demand publishing or another site (which costs quite a bit of money)…but that’s for another day.

As for other things… I am recently intrigued by Hypercam and have started a series called “Watch Me Type Random Radio” (RR meaning random things) wherein I show the creative process as I sit down to type my books…and to prove to you that I am indeed writing. It is fun to watch, and I tried not to make the videos too long. They will be no longer than 20 minutes; I promise I’ll try to keep this in mind. This first one has to do with an extra story for Step by Step that basically details a story after the story. There are no spoilers really to the plot. This story was inspired by something in my life (as most of my books and especially SBS are) that literally just occurred on 7-14 (“Bahn Day” as I call it [Bastille Day]) and that subsequently slapped me silly and knocked me out of my sour mood. Here is part one of me copying the story from my notebook to the Word Document… Sorry that the audio of the CD I was playing in the background on the computer has been muted. What are you going to do? Also, because it is Hypercam, I can’t talk and have it recorded, so I type instead…as I usually tend to do when writing books.

I do believe that is all I wanted to say…I can’t recognize this website anymore O.o

Sooo how do you tag things? …Oh, I see…Sigh. Such an old bag.


2 Responses to “An Important Update”

  1. titansz

    ah, you are not the only one with a saving syndrome, when I used to edit game files for this game I played with some people online, I would save each file I edited the old and new* and every change I made I saved that file in a different file folder and ya.
    hmm I don’t have a nightlight anymore since my 1st year of college, now that I think about it.

  2. titansz

    arrrr computers cutting me off of my comment :(

    Then again, that is coming from someone who still sleeps with a blankie” aka a soft sweatshirt. ^˽^ I like cuddling with it. nyways.

    SBS. Step By Step, Side By Side ^ᴗ^

    truly, I paused the video at 5:04 for some reason right after u finished going to new paragraph, and I thought u were just sitting there not doing anything. I started thinking she’s crying and was almost starting to cry myself. After one minute I realized the video was paused, then I am thing to my self, *you stupid idiot*.

    I really liked watching you writing well copying and all the comments, you erased them so fast I had to go back and stop the video to catch them ^^

    ah yes tagging things, like do wires for a train layout count? T1WBL, L1WBL, T2WG, T3WO, RYMAIN. o.O

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