I Should be Writing

Once again, we find ourselves embalmed in the summer heat, and I find myself moping around the house in the air conditioning and driving myself nuts because I have nothing to do. So, instead of driving myself insane like I always do, I have decided to change my approach and force myself to write again. You see, I have recently forced myself into believing I am incapable of doing anything, so I haven;t been writing simply because I believe all my strings of words to be unemotional nonsense worthy of being re-pulped into economical firewood rather than novels.

But I digress. Remember those “Daily Reminisce” things? I am attempting to bring that back along with my “just write” motto for a summer special upon my blog and upon the community of Kidpub, which has sweet and friendly kids that always have this magical way of making me feel special. That is to say that I shall be on this site more often and intruding your daily doses of procrastination with sad excuses of first drafts that are accompanied by new, revised second drafts. I do realize that I shouldn’t be so tough on myself, and I really need to take short stories seriously, so I am referring to these as drafts in an affectionate way rather than a depressing way. In case you haven’t noticed by now, I have a self-esteem problem.

For those unfamiliar with my terminology, let me explain briefly what “Daily Reminisce” and “just write” mean to me. Daily Reminisce is a category of posts I recently made up in which I bring back something horrible I wrote in the past and rewrite it into something better. I am expanding this concept to include the ideas I came up with that I have not written or expounded on well. “Just write” used to be my motto to force myself to type paragraphs despite my constant pessimism because–even when I believed it to stink at the time–the story would always turn out brilliant and touching. In truth, I need to be more trusting of that mysterious sixth sense known worldwide [a la mode just kidding] as “talent.”

And so this is what shall occur thusly. I am forcing myself to post something at least once a week…in place of the ramblings for now.


And just because I reference my new favorite song in the post…


Ah~ sekaiteki a ra mo-do!!


(Please don’t make fun of me XD That is literally my new favorite song besides “Waltz of the Flowers” and “Clair de Lune” and my 900 other favorite songs. It is special to me because of the wonderful instrumental and the fact that it is most probably my Francophile theme song. So that occurs. Also… [sparkle pose])


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