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Posted On May 5, 2014

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Here is a small update that doesn’t really fit into anything. Just thought I would keep you all in the know about my upcoming stories and projects…


For the month of May, I plan to finish a secret project book I am working on. Details of this secret project will remain confidential.

By the end of June, I plan to finish the first installment to my kids’ book series, The Fancy Ladies’ Club. It is for little girls to enjoy and to learn about being fancy ladies. I’m currently working with my grade school teachers (the very same that taught me) and an illustrator to compile the first book. The teachers are making sure the wording and that is OK, and the illustrator is working on character sketches for insert pictures and for a cover. I halfway done with the book, and it should be done soon considering it doesn’t take too long to write that kind of thing. Plus, as always, I planned it out beforehand.

Once May ends, I plan to start SBS again…in hopes Elaine will return once the dominant influence now wanes. Currently, I am on chapter 11 of SBS; chapters 9 and 10 are 3/4ths of the way done. So…the whole book is almost halfway done, and the whole chapter timeline is finished–so all that’s left is words. Then revising…

Meanwhile…about that next free short story… SIGH.

As it stands, “Soul of an Author” has been steady over the past few months, but now it is bordering 100. I had planned on putting up “Wish Away” as the new free short story, but I am worried because the influence for that story is on the opposite spectrum of the current one taking precedence. And, being that “Wish Away” is only partway done (and is a really long story)…I feel it will never be done in time. So, please let me know whether you mind my delaying the announced new story or whether you would prefer me to put up one I have already finished in its place.

As for stories you can expect soon, please re-read this post. I am sorry to stay my special friend wishes for the secret project to stay confidential.

Have a maple day!


Also, I am almost finished with FM’s books (yes “books” is plural)  O.O  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I don’t want him to goooo!!!  [FM- Hm?]


2 Responses to “Petite Update”

  1. titansz

    There is no need to be worried about the short stories connecting together. To me, it seemed to be random short stories, each with their own meaning and purpose. I don’t mind waiting for the next short story. ^ᴗ^

    Oh?, A special project for a special friend, is this special friend your significant other?

    Books of FM, O.o, Did He say He is going to go away? What if He stays forever?

  2. penguingirl12

    I highly doubt FM would ever leave XD He’s too attached to me [FM- [Smiles]]

    The stories are random, but…it’s just that I said I would post “Wish Away” next…so whatever.

    Me? A significant other? XD It’s a secret!

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