The Finer Things in Life

In which I ramble on for hours to make up for that previous short post.

It need not be said that I enjoy the finer things in life, and there are some things that I believe are the greatest the world has to offer. You may not agree with me, but that’s OK. This post exists for me to express my obsessions and feelings and to basically suggest to you to try these things sometime…if you haven’t already.

And so, here are my ideas…


French Food (and basically everything else [Bahn])

I might as well admit that I am a complete and total Francophile (it’s taking over my life and hindering me to the point of madness). That way I can be free to be as idiotic as I want without being shy about my closet obsession anymore. But seriously…WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SO PERFECT?! It makes me happy to the point of delirium…but I digress. Hold on.

It all really started back when I decided to take up French in college (technically again because I had learned when I was like 5 years old, but that quickly went away). I loved the classes because the teacher integrated culture and life lessons (technically travel lessons) in the lectures and vocab. I am fascinated by culture, so I held on to every word she said (Plus she’s been to France like 80 times, and I’m jealous). Sooner or later, I developed the notion that French people are all innately perfect (which is my Romantic view; please don’t spoil it for me XD), and so I tried as hard as I could to be perfect in the realm of baking and pastry–which happened alongside my studies. [One could say I took Français because of all the terms in pastry and cooking, but I was also intrigued…] And so, that is how I spent my days until the famed restaurant trip.

Annually, the French class has a restaurant trip that the teacher takes us on because she knows the owner of the restaurant well, and we get a deal (because they’ve been doing it so long). I decided I would go (despite the fact I was afraid the food would be wierd–no offense) because I had never done anything fun or fancy in my life. Yes, I had never been to a fancy restaurant until then. So, I chose my entrée and plat principale, dressed up, and went off to be fancy. I can sum the dinner up in one sentence: it was pure Heaven. I wrote a whole thing about it that I will thusly revise because it stinks, but that’s the gist of it. Since, I have hated all manner of food that doesn’t taste Heavenly French. (Yes, I still eat, but it makes me depressed) My obsession only went downhill from there. In short, it has escalated to the point where I want to dedicate my life to their principals of bakeries and pastry shops (in the one I shall open) and in basically the whole philosophy of “joie de vivre.” Yes, I am that sad.

Unfortunately, I can’t quell the onset of insanity because I have no money to go there XD And so, I waste my time dreaming and researching and staring at pictures. And redecorating my room and bathroom in the style befitting of such manic obsession.

Sigh. It sounds so wierd to say it out loud…[Bahn]

And so, I am constantly in a battle with myself to declare my efforts in baking either futile or slowly improving–something I am good at. Perfectionism, go!  In the meantime, I have a small list of places I escape to for that beautiful food~ And it’s perfect because it is good for nature and not fake. It is–as cliché as it sounds–a labor of love. So that’s why I am that way now with baking…I can’t stand the thought of not caring about what you’re making; it is like art or something…I dunno how to explain it. It needs to be pure and pure-hearted. Bread is flour, water, salt, yeast, time, and loving care. Simplicity to elegance. Pure magic~

[Plus, FM is Parisien [smiles]]   [And a lot of my random influences are… and…things…]


Canadian Maple Syrup~  (Oh, Mattie [C- Uhhh])

Yes, I am still obsessed with Canada (but not as much as I was…unfortunately). The maple is just pure Heaven~ It is so intriguingly complex, and it fills my heart with joy. Once again, it’s probably because it is pure maple and not random fake sugar or whatever “pancake syrup” is. It is also so subtle; anything can overpower it so easily. It’s so sensitive awww. [C- Uhhh] What else can I say? It’s the best there is! Go try some now! A spoonful a day takes your troubles away~  (Also, it’s best during the week after it is first opened; it’s still good when kept in the fridge, but the taste dwindles away)


Japanese Anime  (makes me emotional)

Yes, I mentioned many times that I don’t like to read, and I still find myself choosing a manga over a novel. I don’t know what it is–ever since I was young–I have always preferred pictures and sound. It captures me and makes me feel like I’m there. Every time I write, I usually visualize the story or chapter in anime form first (often, the vision comes from thin air), and this is usually what prompts my emotional response (crying). FM is the only one which spoke in words via actual writing and no preparation work (Well, except for GSI, which is genius as an anime). Even SFC, which began with narration, started to flow in pictures later (Cera is an anime-lover, after all). So, what is it about those flipping pictures and dramatic voices that I love so much and that connects with me so gravely?

Well, I arbitrarily started reading manga sometime around the Lifetime era, which was before 2008 and my writing revelation. As a kid, I loved watching cartoons and making up my own (which stunk) via recorded videos and recorded audio. Because I couldn’t draw. In high school, I learned I should probably write and that I could instead write my ideas. Unsuccessfully–because I wrote summaries instead of actual chapters! Then, on one cool day during my first finals week, I discovered Shugo Chara. That changed everything. It inspired me to work on my writing and to integrate the ideas into my own works–finding a nice balance of drama and character moments and other things. I still have so much nostalgia for SC, and I will never get rid of all 12 books. The anime was good, too.

As I grew, I realized there are different types of anime–some that are OK, some that just outright stink, and some that are jaw-droppingly brilliant at some moments, stupid at others, and totally boring other times (like Naruto or Bleach–one good episode, and you can expect 10 years of filler after…and hours of suspenseful staring). I like to integrate the latter into my stuff. I love the thick, dramatic moments that force emotion from you [like that episode I linked below…] amid the fun, everyday moments and the silly character interactions. Goofy things, idiosyncrasies, and genki girl peppy are all intriguing to me, too. I hope this is evident in ZCN/TIES and most of my other stuff, too. Anime is just that way…when it is brilliant, it reduces me to a lifeless puddle of unconscious mush incapable of comprehending words, dialog, and drama–let alone forming them in such a way. This is also why I love dialog so much! Yay dialog!!

And so, I hope someday to become as great as the greatest anime moments…until then, I still have these random influences bothering me and wondering why I am typing this and ignoring them.

[Really, though…that episode… Where do these influences come from?]


Russian Ballets/Concertos  (Well, except for the modern songs X.o)

Just Tchaikovsky. OK, not really, but still. It needn’t be stated that I love classical music, ballets, waltzes, and violins way too much and that Tchaikovsky (whom I call P.I.T. as per his initials) is the master of all of those~  He also happens to live in the land of snow and ballets. The buildings there are fascinating, and the music (except for the modern stuff which gives me Madoka nightmares) is wonderful. That’s not to say I don’t like the other nations’ classicals because I do… I love Impressionism and basically everything having to do with the Romantic Era (plus Baroque violins~ Vivaldi is always a good idea), but their ballets…just astound me (OK, French ballets, too). I’m really just talking about P.I.T. because he’s a genius that reminds me all too much of me (depressed and random). Glazunov’s ballets and such are also perfect~ and Rachmaninoff’s concertos make me emotional (They always serve a good vibe for writing and soundtrack). Sigh. What can I say? If it weren’t for P.I.T., I wouldn’t be cultured at all today! I’d still be that stupid girl who was trying to act smart and cultured when she really wasn’t.

I believe in the power of random coincidences. If I hadn’t been stupid enough to try everything when I was younger, I would have never taken piano lessons in 5th grade which led me to receiving the Nutcracker CD that inspired me to write AI2 [NS] in 2008 or whenever it was that the Wonder Pets Christmas Special aired. That one CD which came from nothing set the tone for the rest of my life. It began the P.I.T. playlist on my iPod, which started from humble beginnings as P.I.T. songs for soundtrack to AI2 [NS] and [R&J] to Glazunov’s the Seasons for [[ULTA MOVIE]] to a barrage of classical music. Now, the playlist has almost 900 songs–many of which are ballets, waltzes, concertos, violin melodies, or songs I found interesting and forgot. Many of them have special places in my heart (as soul songs or story songs or just emotional symphonies), and I could probably guess them all if you played them for me.

In short, that humble CD changed my life and turned me intrigued enough to start violin lessons in 2010/2011. The sound of violins always makes my heart soar, so I felt obligated to try, and playing violin has since become a hobby I can’t leave. I would be literally nothing without my music (classical, video game, anime, or otherwise), and so this era led me to discover a new part of myself that I have…


Now You Know  (things that you know)

I was going to put a conclusion here, but I’m not sure what to say. My arthritis is kicking in, so I’ll just leave a parting shot…

Yes, writing, baking, and violin–my three majors–coincide with each of these cultural obsessions. I guess they made me who I am, after all…



[A dove comes flying in the window and lands on the desk beside me. It’s bobbing its head, and there’s a note tied loosely around its neck]  [I open the note and see it says “[heart sign pose]”]  [Sighing, I write back “Stop sending me random carrier pigeon notes, FM” and send it off]  [Soon, a reply comes: “[single tear streaks down cheek]”]

That FM. When will he learn that doves don’t like to be held?

[FM- Yes they do… [gently hugs a dove]]


[Playing “Long Live the Queen” on the computer]

“What will Big Brother do?”

“Walk in the gardens!”

[Fr- Flowers! [spins]]



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