Research? Nonsense! (Unless I Think it’s Fun)

Well, I just remembered I had a blog, and I am actually working on a special project for a friend which consists of something I largely detest: research. And thus, I shall use this as the basis of my weekly ramblings today. (In other news…it’s been one week since the last post? It seems like it’s been at least a month!)

I don’t know why, but every time I write, the words flow melodically and easily. It is like second nature to me. But every time yours truly has to craft a book report or research paper for school (or anything having to do with school–especially boring subjects), I am a blank slate incapable of stringing together one sentence. I guess I am just very easily inhibited by the idea of limits on creativity and expression. That…and I really do hate researching. History, math, science, and all those things that come with it just bore me to tears, and marketing, political whatever, and anything having to do with society makes me want to jump off the nearest 80-story building. I joke I have no left brain at all, but I doubt that’s true–especially to those non-Romantics who don’t believe in the concept of dreamer and logic side of the mind anymore. How do you explain 12.12 and FM, then?

Anyway, putting all that aside, there are times in a writer’s life when research is inevitable. This is no problem for writers like me who avoid the issue entirely by making up alternate worlds that mirror ours or that craft fantasies that aren’t supposed to make sense (scientifically). But, on the off chance I find something intriguing, I go insane trying to learn everything about it. For instance, I have always been intrigued by psychology (no surprise to any of you), so I took the course in college and even read countless Wikipedia pages online for hours on end (One of my hobbies used to be spending hours “page-jumping” on Wikipedia: searching for one thing and then clicking interesting links or pages in the “related pages” and just keep going until I fainted from exhaustion or ran out of intrigue…or until my mind crashed like a computer). Naturally, I also looked up fun things I liked which I later incorporated into stories because I had learned quite a bit about them. Most of the time, I’d rather take a course at school or some kind of extra-curricular because I learn better that way and also because it’s more fun than locking myself in the computer room and reading.

That being said, my hatred for research is waning slightly, but it used to be that any time I needed to research for a book, that book would sit or die almost immediately. But, as Fate would have it, I have been called by a dear friend to craft a story of elegance that entails something that both confuses me and bores me to tears: history. Sigh. I never understood historical fictions, but the thought of taking historical ideas and places and changing them around is something I kind of do subconsciously (to avoid research). But, in order to make this story perfect, I have to know the events and ideas pretty well, so I have to go to the local library and my dear Wiki to “book up” on knowledge via the [Princess] Twilight Sparkle method.

And, honestly, because of the context and because it coincides with something already fascinates me too much (to be discussed in another post), I am not entirely dreading the task. I want to do the best I can with the book, so effort is needed. Does this mean I may lighten up on research in the future? Maybe… After all, I can do whatever I want with the novel, so there are no creative boundaries this time around. I’m free~

Well, except for the fact that it’s in first person…but all my books are XD


Dang it. This post is too short! What did I even say?

Well, whatever. Welcome to the obligatory random rambling section at the end of this post. No, don’t roll your eyes; there’s no marketing today. [Cue wiping of forehead and relieved “phew”] I just wanted to say I’ve been slacking off lately because schoolwork exists XD  Soon, though, I shall be out of school and shall have plenty of time with which to waste my days typing sentences until my arthritis kicks in and stops everything in its tracks (Like now).

Until then, my mood (and the cool spring) has put me in the subconscious mindset for the following stories to be at their best:

FM Saga & GSI

Pria (because the magnolias are in bloom)

EAC (Everyday Adventures of Canada fanfiction)

Those random “old novels” I have

That secret project which shall remain secret… (^^^)

Maybe LD?




In other news, I finally got to see this episode, and I cried. Cried because I understand. Cried because I still don’t understand where subconscious influences come from… Cried because…I cried.


(Signing up is free, and it’s worth it for this one episode XD)


Also, this song~


(Dang it, I gave it away)




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