Random Joy

I am still slow with writing, so here is a happy break. the Top 10 Things that Make Me Happy! I saw others making this kind of video, so I thought I would join in on the fun. I am sure that none of my choices will surprise you at all…

Yes, FM wanted me to include him as #11 because he is jealous [Slight smile]


2 Responses to “Random Joy”

  1. titansz

    Ohh, so now you’re jumping on “bandwagons”? xD
    Pretty classical music :) reminds me of grade school where I would go with my music teacher to school early for band practice, because he lived on the same street. He would always play just classical music. :)
    Hm, if I listen to just one song for a month I might get tired of it. Well ok maybe a few months.
    “No stoic you can not get your hair cut”. What does that even mean? You have got me in a “[blank stare]” for hours on that one.

    =D Hello penguin! ^˽^

    There is a bird nest in the small Evergreen Tree right outside my window. :P
    Yes, it is soooo hard sometimes just too even know- least for me- why things make you feel a certain way, let alone explain the feeling.
    This Winter went all the way to April. It is not a problem to love Winter, not until you start daydreaming about living at either the north/south pole 24/7.

  2. penguingirl12

    I try not to jump on bandwagons! But I couldn’t resist this one time…

    I know. I am crazy when it comes to music (especially classical). It is an obsession…

    As for the “No, Stoic, you can’t get your hair cut,” I was referring to my poodle Pokemon from Pokemon X because that was the song that plays when you enter the Pokemon boutique where they get their hair cut and styled. I gave Stoic his own silly personality; he barely shows emotion but loves to be spoiled. He was blankly staring at me in a stern manner because I haven’t been paying attention to him lately…

    That’s cool. We get lots of birds by us XD
    I could probably explain the feelings in writing, but I have a hard time saying anything impromptu when I’m talking…my mind goes totally blank.

    See? I told you Penguin is real! XD

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