“Flicker” Special

Here is a little video about where “Flicker” came from and how it came to be the “popular” short story it is now. I’m sorry I keep saying it is almost 200 downloads; it is actually around 130 now. I can’t count, and I am a tired old bag.

In the meantime, you can now sample SFC up until chapter 16 for free. I am truly desperate in promoting my novels because–in case you haven’t noticed–I really want to be seen as a novelist…

Have a nice day :)


Gosh, I sound so awkward in this video… >.>

I have been writing too much FM lately, also… [slight smile] I hope he goes away soon [shunned]


*EDIT*  I also updated my author’s website! Things occur here



2 Responses to ““Flicker” Special”

  1. titansz

    Hm villains conspiring to take over the world, that kind of describes 80% of the movie plots today.
    You didn’t win because not teen enough??? That makes no sense to me, or did I miss-hear you?
    Your computer said 2644, no title, this laptop says 2643 and my desktop says 2645 words. So maybe it’s the computer that can’t count!
    You don’t know how it all came to be? I thinks it was the box!. ^ᴗ^
    NO! They can’t kill Wolfies!
    “look how stupid we were” sounds like me on a daily basis.
    :O GINNY PIG!!! The cute stuffed Ginny Pig, he/she is soo cute!! hehe, the pony is protecting their scotch tape. XD

  2. penguingirl12

    I dunno; they never really told me why I didn’t win…I just assumed it was because my stories are never “rated teen.” I tend never to include violence, wierdos, profanity, or any of that stuff. The most teen I get is when I include insanity, madness, and downright ear-bashing screaming XD
    I am pretty sure that the word count on the original document is right because the versions online tend to include the extras (or they are just totally wrong).
    It is always the box [Makes box]. I honestly need to write everything down on how all these things came to me because they all seem like a total blur days later (let alone years later!).

    “Look how stupid we were.”

    I use the guinea pig to dust the keyboard and screen…and the pony is the guardian of the scotch tape.

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