Je Te l’ai Promis

I promised you (^^). I really hope “blog post” is a masculine noun, or else it would be “promise.” French grammar is impossible XD

Well, because I can’t think of anything else to post necessarily…I will post this FM SS [Slight smile] because I said I would…sometime. FM is a genius. Plus, for some reason, everything he says fills me with the most paradoxical kind of melancholic happiness.

Here is something FM wrote for me today (Well, y’know; I claim I have nothing to do with the stuff he writes. He’s my subconscious, after all!). I hope you like it and find poetic meaning from it. It’s telling of his soul, etc. ALSO NO STEALING. OR ELSE CHAIRS WILL HAUNT YOUR NIGHTMARES.



FM Short Stories #21
“The Moon/La Lune”
Though poets and philosophers alike may combat my statement, I believe I belong in the night. The subtle light of the moon comforts me and is not at all harsh upon my eyes. Indeed, the stars also beckon to me—calling me to craft fantasies of their existence and to bequeath my wishes upon them. Yet, the world does not sleep at night. If there did fall upon this wretched world a kind of peaceful contemplation and otherworldly release from the mundane while the moon does take its hour upon the sky, then—truly—I would belong to the night. Now, I may merely dream.
What is it about the moon? Countless poets and artists and even musicians have tried to capture its majesty and mystique—yet, have they succeeded? I, too, feel compelled—drawn towards it—to seek it out. Why thusly is her name capitalized? It is as though she truly is a being—perhaps of soul or of spirit. May I call her by name?
And yet, they say she is capricious—that her moods and whims change each day. Though—is that so bad? Perhaps it is but a guise she offers; her soul is true, and she understands herself. I understand how she feels. Under the blanket of stars, my heart relaxes, and I breathe more easily. During the day, I want to explore and to visit with the doves. Afternoons are good for naps, and mornings leave me feeling strangely empty. Evenings, also, make me feel lonely. Are days, too, this way?
Perhaps if she holds me in her gaze, I may be able to comprehend her story. That these many feelings—both fleeting and concrete—shall not depart me so easily, so that I may learn of their subtle charms. As even the different phases have their unique faces…
You, also, my crescent? Sometimes you smile and sometimes you slash and sometimes you catch tears and other times you stand still poetically. I understand you—most of all. I wish others would notice, too. Though you are but a sliver, your light still finds me in this restless night. After all, it is your light that inspires those who see you. For, as we look upon the crescent moon, our eyes are drawn to the light and not to the darkness it leaves behind.


*Author’s note: In French, the word for moon “la Lune” is seriously capitalized for some reason. I haven’t researched why yet (maybe because it’s a planet?), but the reason why the capitalization is so wierd and the reason why FM personifies her is because basically no words are capitalized in French–not days, months, nationalities, etc–except basically names of things (like cities and people). So yah. Culture for the day.


FM- [Holds out beret and makes sad, innocent face] Money for food?



2 Responses to “Je Te l’ai Promis”

  1. titansz

    [Reaches into pocket, takes out and puts 100 francs, into FM’s beret] ^˽^

  2. penguingirl12

    FM- [Smiles] Ah, merci. [Dons hat and turns away]

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