The Longest and Most Boring Video Ever

Inside Notebook Closet

In which I become oddly hyperactive while conversing about some of my notebooks, the box, and Pluvia.

Soon I shall talk about individual notebooks…but only if they are finished or their books are finished.


2 Responses to “The Longest and Most Boring Video Ever”

  1. titansz

    Oh, hello pens. ☺ hehe abbreviations, “inside joke”. Ah, what perplexed me about “The Soul of an Author” *spoiler note* was thinking that even the paper and how the pages are bound have greater meaning.. I never thought about that before, until after reading it-“The Soul of an Author”.

    Hm, a book for little kids? While reading ZCN the beginning, with the penguin ^͜ ^ , I thought of how that could be put into a little kids picture book, or kids cartoon. XD I pictured it being one of the cutest things ever. As for fancy vocab, *don’t faint* revising the fancy words using the good old dictionary and thesaurus to get simpler words. Speaking about notebooks that smell like fruit and such, do you remember those scratches and sniff things and stuff?

    Penguin folder @17:24 Those look so cool. ^ᴗ^

    .. You completely rewrote R&J and made a sequel ‘R&J in Paris’?.! Does R&J encounter FM? :( I care about FM although I don’t know much about ᶠᵐhim. For some odd reason the idea of having Nightmares with chairs and mimes, is both scary and intriguing.

    Dialog in different colors.! GENUS! That would make dialogs soo much easier to follow, especially when more than two people are conversing.

    YAY Stick figures!!!!! With Features!! Aww, Nelly looks sad in that drawing :(, but still cute. ^͜ ^

    Hmm that looks like the pixels colored together to spell CELIA?

    When you say “Animal Kingdom”, I get reminded of a book series called “Animorphs”.

    Cherry what is that? O, what is this DC, that you don’t know anyone to know?

    Hmm The Box!! 6% HETASTARCH IN, .9% SODIUM CHLORIDE INJ.? What is the other 93.1%? ᵦₒₓ?

    Good thing you finished transcribing before the game died. :) and people care, least I do. ^˽^

  2. penguingirl12

    Yah, I actually bought twine so that I could tie up my manuscripts, too, just like in the story XD
    I know. The other reason I can’t seem to write kids’ books is because I make everything too dramatic and creepy XD Look at Pria…[shudders]
    I used to love those scratch and sniff things. Where did those even go? o.O
    No, R&J in Paris has nothing to do with the city of Paris. XD Count Paris (that one character) trips in 4,1 (I hope I’m right this time) and overhears J’s crying and vows to help her or whatever. He basically tells on her and gets the Friar nervous. And once R returns, and he notices how much he cares about J and vice-versa, he feels bad and regrets his eavesdropping. I dunno. I just like it a lot because FM’s twin is Count Paris XD
    I know. Dialog form used to be my big thing. Now…
    I cannot draw at all
    Animal Kingdom is stupid XD
    None shall know “Cherry” and DC.
    The box is just where my random ideas go to rest and to be discovered later. It’s a physical representation of my subconscious, per se, and so I often refer to FM as the box because he is the representation of the subconscious, also. (I’m a little obsessed with psychology) Plus…[makes box] My dad is a pharmacist, and they go through tons of boxes of shipments for medications and that, so that’s why the box has random percentages and wierd things written on it.
    Yah. I’ve written on wierder things before…and I never even finished the Dominion Over Time story. That was technically just the prologue I think…

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