What’s With this Whole “Author and Writing” Thing?

Lately, it seems like everyone is getting into the whole “authorial intent” and “what we’re supposed to get from writing” thing, so I thought I would ramble about it for a minute or so. You see, the whole truth of the matter is that, while I admire people who understand complex concepts such as this, if I think about these things for too long, the world falls apart and becomes snapped puzzle pieces and mathematical theorems. Plus, being the active writer and Romantic that I am, I can’t possibly grasp the idea that the author could be “dead.” You mean like the ones from the 1800s? They’re certainly not alive now… Or like ghosts possessing someone to write a book for them? Ghost writers? …Oh. It means that the book and author are separate. WAIT WHAT?! Oh, when it comes to criticism and interpretation. Pfff WHAT?!

Now, I don’t know about you or your Round Table Author and Scholarly friends (man, I wish that still existed…) or you fancy analysts that I think are way smarter than I…but… I actively put what I want people to feel and get from my books IN THE BOOKS. I mean, my gosh, when I cry heavily and plod through the withering letters or the soaked keyboard to continue writing/typing the paragraph, I hope that that intense emotion is imbued into the words so much that you, too, cry when you read it. And I hope that my symbols and literary whatevers that I put in on purpose fascinate you to the point of figuring them out. And I always include inside jokes, references, and hints to my other books in text occasionally to make me burst into giggles whenever I see it (Maybe you won’t, but I will!). So, I don’t see how I could be “dead” in this matter. I actually really hope that people hit close to what I was trying to portray in the first place and not something totally opposite that makes me put a bag over my head and leave the country. Is that old-fashioned of me? I hope so.

I mean, I understand that not everyone is going to think the exact same thing (and that’s all fine and dandy) and that interpretation, literary analysis, and evoking meaning from silly printed words is an art, and art is all dependent on one’s life experiences, emotions, and unique psyche… BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I’M DEAD! AT LEAST NOT YET, MES AMIS! And I truly hope that my actively-written messages at least partially find your heart and hit your ears. I’ll never forget that moment in English Composition in my first year of college…wherein I tried to write a story and see how others gathered it. The fools had no idea what I was talking about! It couldn’t have been simpler! So, maybe I’m just an irate old bag because of that traumatizing experience that almost tossed my writing career out the 2-story window. I mean, if they didn’t get it, then who would? Is it me? Is it them?

It seems like it isn’t enitrely my fault that my words tend to fly over others’ heads, for the messages I’ve gotten about SFC tend to keep in time with my ideas (finally), so… Sigh. I feel like I’m getting off-subject.

[In my Professor Sycamore impersonation] Let’s talk about SFC College!

You see, I’m purposefully having a grand ol’ time with SFC College. For starters, it’s the last time I’ll see Cera, Mariah, Elaine, Maddie, Shelley, etc. so I have to make sure all questions are answered and all the drama is wonderfully dramatic. I may seem like an evil individual who loves to evoke pain and suffering, but, as I’ve learned from a dear friend, “It makes you feel something,” so it only deepens your ability to share feelings and to be empathetic. I dunno. It’s some kind of psychological whatever for me. Like when I have to reorganize my closet for the 9 millionth time because I can’t stand looking at all those stankin papers.

[As Professor Sycamore] Ah, but I am loosing my train of thought again!

You see, because I’m having so much fun writing SFC College, I am purposefully including lots of fun things like character moments and references and secrets hinting to older books and newer ideas, etc. And so, one could say that I am literally doing the opposite of being dead. I am pouring my soul into that once-side-story, now-on-par-with-GSI novel! I forgot that I can use italics! Stankin v anns!

And so, to stop myself from rambling forever about something I have no idea what to say, I don’t understand the whole idea of being dead. Besides, I’ve thought about that too much already. XD For once, I like being alive! Sheesh. You people really think authors are too depressing, don’t you?



[In thick French accent]  Bonjour, mes amis! Cette partie est la section de marketing (Yes, that is the actual term…maybe not in chic French, though).

Je suis un auteur et une boulangère! Vous pouvez lire mes romans ici:


Bah, franchement, j’ai un seul roman, mais je voudrais finir plus.

Je…comment dire-je…Je n’écris pas sur(?) mon blog de boulangerie, mais…un jour!

Maintenant, la liste de “posts” futurs…

“Daily Nostalgia”  (Nostalgie du jour)

“Video: Inside Notebook Closet”  (vidéo)

“Research? Nonsense!”  (ah, la fuissions de la recherche…HOW DO YOU SPELL IT?!)

“The Finer Things in Life”  (Naturellement; je suis francophile~)

“Spin-offs/Auto-fanfictions”  (Je suis égoïste)

“Why I Just Want to Publish FM’s Books and Give Up [slight smile]”  (Bah, je ne sais pas, moi!)

Other such intriguing subjects and ideas that come to me



Parting words:

I write because something tells me these things are coming to me for a reason…

And I like all the emotions and stuff. Meanings exist!


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