Ramblings on ZCN/TIES

Impromptu rambling about where ZCN/TIES came from and how it came to be what it is today…


Well, I was a young, shy kid with an overactive imagination that was easily inspired by cartoons and video games. In fact, I was so obsessed that I pretended I had my own cartoon channel: Channel ZCN. Back then, I hated to write, and I never read (though I begged my mom to read me 50 books a night), so I let out all my creativity making “cartoons” without drawing or writing. How is that possible, you ask? Easy. I used my dad’s video camera to make videos in which I recorded episodes of “ZCN Adventures” as I frolicked around the house, showing off my natural talent for impersonations and accents (I do love my accents). Admittedly, I still do that when I’m at home–act I mean; though, back then, the adventures were repetitive and really stupid. The characters were somewhat boring, too, though they definitely had distinct personalities.

Why, yes, the original ZCN Adventures characters were exactly the same as the ones still present in ZCN/TIES. Well, their names and ideas and appearances are the same…but their personalities have changed. Because I was so easily inspired by the cartoons and movies around me, the ZCN characters were inspired by those things I saw. Calla and Jamesy were inspired by Jesse and James (Pokemon); actually, Calla and Jamesy were the main characters in ZCN Adventures. Calla was originally really annoying and really mean; she would complain/yell at Jamesy for hours on end–to the point where I would fast-forward the video 20 minutes, and she’d still be going (XD). Sigh. Naturally, it was because she was over-protective of Jamesy and was tired of his immature nature, but still… Now, Calla is too nice and barely talks. Though, she still retains her unique characteristic: occasionally, if she so happens to project her voice, she has a British accent. She also still has purple hair and a flowing dress (plus her love of music). Jamesy is, was, and will always be immature and annoying. Though, back then, he at least had some sort of personality. Now he doesn’t (XD). Irony. He has a hidden sensitive side.

Cassie (also known as Gassie) changed personalities more times than I can count. She was originally like Calla, then she became a scientist, than a…fire goddess thing whatever then I have no idea. Though, unfortunately, she was always the comic relief character that was pushed around and stepped on all the time. The poor thing. She always had a different accent and a different catch phrase, too. Now, she has an odd southern accent and a non-personality. Sigh. Kiki was inspired by Kimi (Rugrats), and she was her for a mere few weeks before I turned her into a cute persona. Oddly enough, I like her old persona the most. She had the most intrigue, and even though she was just there to be cute, she had such interesting idiosyncrasies. Now she’s just a “Totally!” girl. Why?! And Joe just used to be my carbon copy (I bothered everyone and did numerous impersonations), and now he just works all the time. Don’t get me started about 5… [slight smile]

I, too, was different. I was just dumb and full of myself XD

So, where was I going with this, again? Well, I guess you can see how things changed over time… Episodes were largely the same thing over and over, and it somehow amused me greatly. Bah, I’m still easily amused.


Next time, I’ll talk about the 900 original versions of ZCN/TIES. There are so many versions to that story…


[FM paints over marketing section]

…FM…What is this?

[FM makes a concerned face and points innocently at the screen]

Yes, that.

[FM looks to the ground and shyly looks back up]


FM- …I’m sorry.



2 Responses to “Ramblings on ZCN/TIES”

  1. titansz

    900? I thought there were 966 versions? or is that chapters… The one thing I neeeeeeed to know is…. what happened to Penguin?….. She can’t open her tuna alone, and she has been alone for at least a day. :(

  2. penguingirl12

    I am famous for my over-exaggerations. There are truly only 4 or 5 different original stories for ZCN/TIES. Don’t worry about Penguin; she has her moments, and I do go back to get her. She’s important, too, you know.

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