Inside Downstairs Bookshelf (weekly ramblings?)

This time we look at actual books that I have along with my manga stash!

*I am at a loss for words…so here is a video instead.
Lately, I’ve just been moping through my days, mulling over thoughts and ideas of actually doing things. I really hope SBS will come back, but until then, all I’ve been doing is drowning in work and writing my silly fanfictions XD
Thus, I have nothing to contribute for a weekly ramblings…except for this.
The good news is I’m also reminiscing…(Pokemon OSTs on iTunes *o*) so that means I should be getting back to either writing or violin…because those always flow with my reminiscent vibes.
I’ve just been bored lately; I really hope I can do something fun soon besides driving and running all the time –___–

We shall see.


3 Responses to “Inside Downstairs Bookshelf (weekly ramblings?)”

  1. titansz

    The pottery looks good : ) “Info from: Kid…” ? I like the penguin on the cover : ) ?Dahling? O.o what does that word mean may I ask? AHH it’s the attack of the books. !! run!. I thought FM is a….. Wait…Wait…. FM… is… a….. book girl?…… O.O.O I shouldn’t say that. I had a weird dream 2 nights ago. Now he is going to come after me. *hides* That Hamster in the magazine looks like a bodybuilding hamster. XD I have one of those calculators but it is not dead. I never new it could text to other calculators? O.o
    I was board Monday with the snow, so I decided to play with QR codes. They are 2d barcodes that can store text, or have a website link, -they are found on billboards, magazines, receipts for customer feedback/surveys-. I was making a few, and adding color to them, it was just fun, then reading them with my Iphone using the free app NeoReader. And for some reason, I made one for Cutie Pie’s website. o.o

  2. penguingirl12

    Replies in order XD
    Thanks. I really like making ceramics; my aunt used to make pottery all the time.
    That penguin booklet was a thing I had to make for a school project a long time ago; the source of the information was that website…
    “Dahling” is “darling” in that old-fashioned proper accent…y’know, like in old movies from the 40s or whatever XD
    I stacked books on top of the ones on the top shelf, so I guess they all just happened to fall over at that moment…The funny thing is that they all fell right into my arms, so I couldn’t move XD
    FM is… [FM- I am not a book girl… And I only haunt the dreams of those I don’t like…or those I like too much…] Stop bothering me, FM. [FM- Sigh]
    I love that hamster picture XD
    The calculator can’t text message, but you can type letters on it depending on which type it is. So, you could just pass the calculator across the room to send messages

    That’s cool. I stink with technology, so I don’t know the first thing about any of that stuff. I certainly couldn’t do things like that when I’m bored o.O
    Does the code work? That would be a really cool thing to have for my advertisements…

  3. titansz

    yes it does work, least how it is right now…. : ( Please must forgive me,…. I kind of used part of the cover image with the hamster in the heart into the 2d barcode image thing. o.o.

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