Usually Titles are Easy for Me

Posted On February 9, 2014

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Usually, titles are easy for me to think up… I can think of only a few occassions (namely “Ulta movie”) where I couldn’t (and still can’t) think of the right title to save my life. Currently, I’m working on finishing SBS (Step-by-Step, the continuation of SFC). I have all the episode descriptions done, so all that’s left for me to do is to actually write it (a feat in itself). I am forcing myself to complete the manuscript by August, though. I will then send it to willing editors and hopefully have it out on Smashwords by April 2015 or so… We shall see.

Anyway, the main charm of the SFC Trilogy (to me) are the unique chapter title themes. For SFC, everything was “The__” with simple words. For the last book, “Lost Days, Last Days,” everything will be “__ Days” with adjectives describing the word “days.” As for Step-by-Step… I have no idea! I have gone through all the possibilities in my mind, but I’m at a loss.

The main thing (not really a theme, per se) in SBS is poetry, so I was thinking either first lines or profound titles (which I love, but that’s more of a ZCN/TIES thing) or short summary titles (like “friendship” or “love’ or whatever) or something along those lines. Originally, Elaine was going to be a scholarly sort (she has changed a lot since 2011), so the original title theme was shortened forms of popular sayings. That’s why chapter one still says “A Rose by Any Other Name…” I have no idea whether I’ll keep this format, for that’s more along the lines of literature than poetry. Plus, it doesn’t feel like Elaine anymore…

So, why am I telling you this? Because I’d like to hear your thoughts! I’m not the kind usually to ask for help, but I’m trying to be better at listening to others and to ask for help more often (I’m stubborn). Sooo…things…

[You got off easy today; I’m too busy to put a marketing section. Come back in August, and you’ll see more than one book advertised ;p]

Also, “Flicker” has hit 100 downloads on [tries not to cry], and I’m so happy…

Thanks to everyone!

And so, I will post a special short story or something for everyone to read (It will be free, of course) on Smashwords sometime soon. A little gift from me ^__^ (It’s the Figment or Kidpub soul in me; they’d always do stuff like that for reads/hearts or whatever)

If you’re curious…


SBS  To finish: Aug 2014    To publish: April 2015

ZCN/TIES Book 1   To finish: Nov 2014(?)

Fancy Ladies’ Club book one   To finish: 2014 sometime

I’ll post free short stories each time the previous one gets to 100


I am also part of this group now, and they are always accepting members. It’s a great way to let yourself be known as an independent author.


7 Responses to “Usually Titles are Easy for Me”

  1. titansz

    You can use a Rhyme Scheme, for the titles o,o, such as, having the end word of titles of chapters 1 8 15 22; 2 9 16 23; 3 10 17 24; 4 11 18 25; 5 12 19 26; 6 13 20 27; 7 14 21 28 rhyme.

    I feel like a dummy right now. When I read the first chapter title “A Rose by Any Other Name” on figment in SBS, I was totally perplexed. I thought, at the first glance till now, that the phrase, “A Rose by Any Other Name” alluded to the character’s name. * She was called a rose by any other name. A rose meaning perhaps beauty, love, a mystique thing or the thorns of a rose perhaps having a negative meaning…..*fades away*.

    !!!Congratulations on the 100 Downloads!!!

  2. penguingirl12

    That’s all right; I don’t even know why I used that particular phrase for the first chapter, anyway XD Maybe because Elaine will still stay the same even though she’s in a different school or whatever.
    Wow, I never thought of a rhyme scheme…hmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. titansz

    Happy Valentine’s Day Claire

  4. penguingirl12

    Thanks…you, too ^_^

  5. titansz

    : ) How is the rhyming Chapter list coming along. : )

  6. titansz

    I apologize for my last post if it seemed I was “” forcing your hand””. The chapter titles do not have to rhyme if you do not choose to do so. If you do, that’s great too. : )

  7. penguingirl12

    No, it’s OK. I’ve been too busy working on my random fanfictions XD One of these days, I’ll get back to SBS. I tend to jump around a lot…

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