Inside my Bookcase (Lawyer’s Cabinet)

The second installment to the series. This time, I talk about my lawyer’s cabinet (antique bookcase) and a little about everything I have in it.

There isn’t really anything interesting in this one, and the one after was made at the same time, soooo…the other cometh shortly.

Please turn on the annotations option if you haven’t already. I like to make side-comments, and most are really important.


One Response to “Inside my Bookcase (Lawyer’s Cabinet)”

  1. titansz

    That is one Awesome book case. I like the way you open up the glass door to get to shelves. That drawing of FM looks good, and I could tell color difference. It is better than a stick figure for sure. : p Those are some COOL notebooks. O.o your secret recipes. Weird, at 17:20 the annotations started to mess up, and I refreshed the page and then they came up fine. Technology is funny sometimes. hm a “”paper”” “crafting” I remember doing, was when I made a little house out of index cards when I was in Grade School. It was able to fold up too.

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