Inside Computer Desk

Now we explore the computer desk, where I hide lots of notebooks and lots of papers. You can expect lots of random titles of books I may never write, tons of notebooks, a random diversion to talk about ZCN/TIES, and some cool facts about Cutie Pie’s.

Again, please turn on annotations because there are a lot of good notes. There is a lot of info in here about ZCN/TIES and FM’s stories, sooo

I’m sorry that it’s so long XD
I also hope this video will stay up because I tend to throw around a lot of copyrighted stuff in this one…
Plus I force songs on you.

An in-depth video (that will not be depressing) about ZCN/TIES will be within the next few weeks!



2 Responses to “Inside Computer Desk”

  1. titansz

    I hope they don’t “not like” me. O.o, Intense chapter descriptions, that does not sound like a sickness at all. That is like making an outline for a paper. If it helps, it cannot be a sickness. : p hmm *tilts head sideways* ”the WAPP Handbook” “School Shopping” hmm I can’t really read it so well. From the little I was able to read with my face 1 inch from the monitor, I cannot say it is bad. ZCN/TIES is 966 Chapters YAY =D ..oh wait aw its only 596 chapters now. : ( That is going to have one long table of contents. Living on the Eiffel Tower sounds like fun, would be one great view. “break apart his poem like stories and make meaning out of them”, that sounds fun. Cutie Pies, the prices on that card look the same as on the site, least maybe I am gone crazy. I don’t see a Valentine’s Day menu. Sleeping beauty XD. Ahhh yes cassettes and VHS tapes, of which I still watch sometimes. : p …….. AHHHH my ears at 43:55 …. I would never steal. Although trying to think about how a nightmare about chairs would be. Hmm chairs chasing me … chairs moving backwards when I try to sit, so I fall on my…rear end, monster chairs trying to sit on me. O.o.. hm the songs are pleasant to listen to, the length of the video does not bother me, a lot of info for sure.

  2. titansz

    … Oops.. I mean 569 Chapters now YAY XD…

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