Inside the SFC Notebook

Stankin v anns, I am so dang ugly.
I am not very savvy at making videos, but I am improving. This was filmed on an iPhone, so it may seem odd at times. Also, I’m sorry about the small size of the screen. You should be able to see in in full size because your computer doesn’t stink like mine.
This video shows an inside look at the original notebook for my first published novel, Subtle, Flowing Changes. I also show a bit of the original manuscript and some notes I made in it. This video gives some facts about SFC, its original story, and some info about characters and events (along with some reasons why certain things are that way). Feel free to leave questions about things I didn’t cover, too! Thanks for watching!
I’m sorry if you can’t understand me or hear my horrible violin playing in the background…

To read/buy SFC:


It’s finally here!! This video is part of a series I made called the “Inside” series; I will show off some notebooks on books I have published or finished, and I will talk about what’s in my writer’s desk, my bookcases, and my kitchen (maybe). Just a little something. I don’t know when I will post the next one considering this literally took 9 hours for this video to convert online XD 9. HOURS. (I let in run in the background while baking and cleaning and writing GSI) Because schools keep closing and I have nothing to do, I may upload the bookcase one tomorrow and the writer’s desk one on Wednesday (but I won’t post them here until later). Or I may let it run overnight…hmmmmm

Also, I’m sorry that the videos are boring and extremely long XD I’m also sorry that I’m socially awkward and stupid (and ugly).

I’m also sorry that this video installment randomly stops. I didn’t want it to go on ad infinituum. There were also lots of spoiler comments after chapter 11 or so… I tend to do things like that, so I wanted to skip those for obvious reasons.



2 Responses to “Inside the SFC Notebook”

  1. titansz

    Frère Jacques the French nursery rhyme, for some reason I remember singing it, don’t know where or when. 747, :p that’s a plane, but ya, I have done that a few times, :( in class even. “Mariah always wins except when she loses.”XD I find it funny to visualize Mariah as a superspy who skips and jumps to classes :P. O.o Maddie is going to shows up in SBS O.o.
    Now, I state these things not to sound creepy in the slightest way. It is all the truth from my eyes, you are NOT ULGY, You Have BEAUTY, your laugh is cute I must admit, your voice is pleasant to hear.
    This is a video I stumbled upon awhile ago, and I never thought I would need to keep it but I did and I am glad I did. I would like you to watch it and tell me what you think.

  2. penguingirl12

    Wow that’s crazy. It’s hard to believe how different the pictures are o.O I just say that because I have a horrible complexion pff Whatever. My laugh is rediculous pff

    And, yes, I tried not to spoil SBS too much, but let’s just say it won’t be like SFC in the way of there being only two characters most of the time. It’ll definitely be more interesting!

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