Ancora Imparo

I have been thinking a lot lately, and I have been considering my life and future greatly. So as not to bore you with my thoughts, I’ll get right to the point. I tend to beat myself up and call myself worthless a lot. My perfectionism is more of a hindrance than an aid in that way. So, I promised myself 10 years of learning and determination (without my judgmental thoughts) in my craft of baking and pastry and on my way to becoming a Chef.

So, I admit that Baking has taken over my life at the moment, thus demoting writing to more of a mystique hobby I will still do at night by lamplight on my writer’s desk (or during any daydreaming time I may find). Also, because of this, the posts on this blog may become few. Granted, I’ll soon be out of school (“for good”), so I’ll have tons of time to do absolutely nothing (unless I actually get a job), so I will still post things on here–just not as often (which is not a lot to begin with).

Meanwhile, I’m trying out a food blog called Bread and Chocolate ( where I educate how to make breads and chocolate confections at home in modern kitchens without all that fancy equipment that costs tons of money. If you are intrigued by learning how to make yeasted breads or chocolates (or you know someone who is), please come by or send your friends by. I finished the “about me and this blog” post, but I have yet to make the first recipe and to write the post for said recipe. Though, the “about” post is very important to read ahead of time for those who wish to follow me on my recipe journey; it contains tools you will need and information to consider. So, it is designed to give you something to think about in the meantime.

Don’t worry. I’ll still write (or else I’ll die); I just feel like baking is pulling me down its path. Meanwhile, I will attempt to wrangle one of the worst things I’ve written into a great book–and it’s hard! The book with identity crisis, ZCN/TIES. Also, the title for this post is my new mantra: “I am still learning.” It is also the name of one of the characters in Kids Are We (KRW) because I thought it made a cool name…for some reason.


Welcome to the end of this post. This is the obligatory marketing section. Please feel free to roll your eyes or mumble under your breath, “Here we go again.”

I write in my spare time. I begin to suspect it may not be as special as I think it is, but alas.

And they randomly changed their appearance…OK.

I also have a food blog about which I already told you ^^


Future posts:

ZCN/TIES: Tons of Info, Lots of Characters, Much Identity Crisis

Research? Nonsense! (Except if I think it’s fun)

Why I Just Want to Publish FM’s Books and Give Up [slight smile]

Let’s Talk About Subconscious Influences & ~CRK’s Ridiculous Sentimentality and Romanticism

The Finer Things in Life… (Canadian maple syrup, French food, and Japanese anime–mostly anime in relationship to my writing)


4 Responses to “Ancora Imparo”

  1. titansz

    Keep doing what you love to do, whether that be baking goodies and brightening up people’s day, or writing in any style you so choose, to inspire ideas/values/past times/etcetera.
    I must say, your writing is special Claire. I, personally, have made a deep connection to SFC. SFC is and will always be special to me.
    Never give up, and never lose Hope.

  2. penguingirl12

    Thanks a lot for your comment and review. Seeing that my writing helps/inspires others makes me feel better. I’ve been working on Step by Step (SBS) a lot lately. You can catch a sneak peak of it here!
    I promise to try to finish the book by either this year or next year for you because you said you were looking forward to the sequel. Thanks a lot and happy reading!

  3. titansz

    I must say, reading just the first two chapters of Step-by-Step has gotten me engrossed already. Getting SBS done by this year will be alottle writing =p, so I shall unquestionably be awaiting its full release next year. It is kind of funny that I also talk to myself way to much too. Actually, I am talking to myself as I type this now :p. No matter what anyone else says, you are a great writer. Have a Happy New Year Claire. =)

  4. penguingirl12

    Thanks! I must say that SBS is definitely more down-to-Earth and more dramatic than SFC… Have a great new year!

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