When No One is Looking, I Write Fanfictions


*This week’s weekly ramblings installment is about characters, ideas, and stories I “borrowed” to make Fanfictions. Naturally, I don’t own the ideas or characters mentioned–I just own my versions of them. Just thought I’d throw that out there. (I also wrote a version of this post ahead of time because there’s so much info to cover, so this is isn’t entirely impromptu, but I would consider this a revised version of my initial thought dump)



Depending on who you ask, the word “fanfiction” can bring up very different ideas–either positive or negative–anything from creative representations to better development to brilliant concept expounding to terrible, horribly written amateur “stories.” And that, my friends, is fanfiction in a nutshell. You can either write it or you can’t. Some fanfiction authors are better writers than the original authors, some (perhaps most) use it as an outlet for Random Radio or for fangirling/fanboying insanity (or–ahem–“shipping”), and the rest are so bad that it makes me want to cry and give up being a writer.

That being said…why do I write fanfiction? Well, I see fanfiction as a great outlet for creativity and for taking one thing and expounding on that concept to make a great story–something writers may recognize as a “prompt.” I am the self-proclaimed creator of “auto-fanfiction,” which is, quite simply, fanfictions (or alternate universe stories) about my own works and what the events or characters could be if the world or story itself were altered. This kind of thinking and planning is very good at boosting critical thinking skills (and is probably one of the thinking puzzles I can actually execute with skill–unlike mazes or Sudoku or chess). Not only that, but it helps one see and understand the events and characters of a fictional work in a whole new way–taking one thing and putting it in the style of another (for example: me trying to paint the Mona Lisa. It would be horrendous because I’m not an artist).

But, I must admit that I claim only 3 fanfictions as my own. I’ve wanted to write more (namely ones involving My Little Pony: FIM), but those others never materialized or made it past the “here’s an idea” stage. So what makes the standing 3 special? Well, I shall attempt to explain my Romantic reasoning to you…

First, let me explain the three most important things about me that you need to know first:

1- I am ridiculously obsessed with characters–especially ones like me or ones that I find intriguing (fascinating personas, eccentrics, artists, chefs, etc.)

2- I…LOVE…DRAMA (Drahm epis, if you will). Yes–psychological conflict, insanity, those such things that drive one to madness. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because they add character depth and…sympathy and stuff. Or maybe because I love psychology and because those such things having to do with psychology make an individual more fascinating.

3- I see the world and people much more differently than most everyone else. Just saying.


And now…those 3 characters and their in-depth explanations.



Matthew Williams.  Aika.  Siebold.

These 3 characters are the centers of my only fanfictions because they really connected with me. As always, the characters connect with me the most–and that idea goes for other famous works, as well. But what sets these 3 apart from say…Mojo Jojo or Edd or Rock Lee or even Jigglypuff? That is what I am trying to explain now.


Canada (Matthew Williams) [and Kumajirou, if you will] from Hetalia

Oh, Mattie. From the first moment he appeared and I likened him to me, It was an immediate fascination (which turned into an obsession). “Someday they’ll notice me” (one of his first and few lines) became my motto, too, for I empathized with him; I knew how it felt to be shy and invisible. We both had the same kind of attitudes, too–different internal (those idiots) and external (…..[tries to walk away]) reactions, simple interests, laid-back personality which kept him from doing his work… The last is what got me the most. I will go into the computer room to finish my homework, and 4 hours later, I will write one paragraph of my paper after 2 hours of lollygagging on Youtube, 30 minutes for lunch, one hour of stretching, and 30 minutes of reading Wikipedia. (In fact, I make recordings in which I, as Mattie, waste time doing nothing when I’m supposed to be doing homework).

It probably didn’t help that I also had a crush on him…but that means nothing…[C- …]

Because he reminded me so much of myself (and because I felt so sorry for him–not just for his invisibility, but also for his limited screen and comic time), I took him in as my first fanfiction character. I felt like I was taking him under my wing with the intent of making him soar. And thus, “The Everyday Adventures of Canada & Kumajirou” (EAC) was born. Of course, his character is different now than what it was in Hetalia. While I kept some of his traits, I mostly turned him into a mirror of me. All the chapters of EAC focus on his totally ordinary days at his cottage in–where else?–northern Ontario. All of the events are fictionalized, of course, save for the few segments based on his appearances in the actual Hetalia episodes to ground the readers into reality a bit. Naturally, I also gave him drahm epis and a dramatic past; plus, I expounded on his relationships (not in the way–ahem–others would expound on them) with his three older brothers (one of whom also inspired a tragic character who is the only one worthy of his elegance) and his pet polar bear, Kumajirou (who annoys him to no end).

Because he was featured in only 5/6 of the already famous 5-minute-long episodes (and some comic strips), I had to expound on his personality and interests myself (again, drawing on most of mine). But I really enjoy writing EAC (It is written in first person present, too), and I really like Mattie… I also want to go to Canada really badly. Red maple!! (My obsession also began on my birthday in 2012. Huh)


Aika of Aika (アイカ) Village, a user-generated village in Animal Crossing New Leaf’s Dream World

Bet you didn’t expect this one. This village piqued my interest when I saw so much about it online. I loved visiting the dream world in AC New Leaf (because I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to connect to the internet via the 3DS), and I was intrigued by new villages. Though, the idea initially scared me out of my wits, and I was unsure even though it obviously isn’t real [computer statics]. (…) But, I gained the courage to visit, anyway, because the idea of a town formed to tell a story made me jealous. Once I arrived, that village captured me and made me want to go back again and again and again (I’ve been there at least 7 times to date). It didn’t scare me–not even those creepy eyes in the back room of house 2. No. It made me cry. I wanted to express that hidden emotion–that melancholy and wrenching sadness that hit me so much–and open the world to different ideas (Partially because I don’t like violence and horror, and I was so sick of all the “the doll murdered everyone” interpretations). Something more.

Enter: character development and drahm epis. Lots and lots of drahm.

Naturally, this meant I had to visit the village many more times to analyze all the details to compose my own story (Plus, watching videos helped). When you think about it, Aika Village is one big “fill-in-the-blanks” story. No one knows the real story, and the big details are left unanswered and very broad. What’s in the back room in house 1? How did it go from completely perfect to…falling apart and labyrinthine? What’s with all the chrysanthemums? Why holes? Why the Biblical symbolism? Why the bee hives and dead dogs? No one knows!

So I had a lot to deal with on this one… And, to tell true, it really isn’t about Aika–it’s about her story (but I made her an insanity character, anyway). While the elements and symbols in the original story are the same in my version, “A Shadow in Darkness,” the main story is completely different [from what others see]. Mine also includes (duh) character development and expounding, something which (arguably) can’t be done well with the limited AC Village format.

As much as I’d love to go on and on about Aika Village, this is not the place to do it. I will devote another post to explaining it. (Unless no one cares, but I will write it anyway! Because of Mattie~)


Siebold (Water master of Elite 4 and eccentric chef) from Pokémon X (& Y)

So, I finally got to the end of Pokémon X, which was a bittersweet moment for me, for I felt I would lose interest in the beautiful game once I finished it (which didn’t happen). Plus, it meant that I would have to “leave” “France”! [sobs] [No comments, Hetalia fans] Well, anyway, once I defeated the other 3 Elite 4 Trainers, I entered the Flood Chamber to meet once and for all the famous “Siebold” I was told of by the restaurant in Lumiose City. The beautiful waters cascaded, my heart soared, and (once I believed it couldn’t get any better) I was met with his words:

[rubs his eyes] “… … … No, I simply can’t say. [turns dramatically] You there! Young lady! I have a question I must pose to you. Do you think Pokémon battling can ever be worthy of being called an art?”

[I say “Uhhh…Sure.”]

“… … … Indeed. You see, cooking is the type of art that disappears as soon as it is completed. Pokémon battles are the same. Even memories of sweet victory soon fade after the battle ends. To devote yourself entirely to such a life, made up of fleeting experiences–that is truly artful.”

And that, my friends, is all it took for me to steal–I mean borrow–Siebold.

I have an affinity for eccentrics. They know more than others–they carry themselves differently, too. His ideas of life and of art intrigued me to a ridiculous degree. Plus, he’s a chef. Plus, he loves water type (like I do) and the move Surf (like I do)! I mean, really, they were begging me to steal him. So, I began to form his persona from his few lines.

[rubs his eyes]

-I deduced he was easily emotional due to his introductory action and his long bits of silence. Plus, it seemed to me he was probably frustrated from having to hear so many “No”s, so he couldn’t bring himself to ask me, but he did, anyway.

“… … … No, I simply can’t say. [turns dramatically] You there! Young lady! I have a question I must pose to you. Do you think Pokémon battling can ever be worthy of being called an art?”

“… … … Indeed. You see, cooking is the type of art that disappears as soon as it is completed. Pokémon battles are the same. Even memories of sweet victory soon fade after the battle ends. To devote yourself entirely to such a life, made up of fleeting experiences–that is truly artful.”

-Surprised at my answer, he begins to explain. I thought that he would be an introverted person who only wished to open up if someone was willing to listen. Because he explains it so eloquently, I believed him to be devoted to this idea–devoted to living ephemerally (Incidentally, I named his intentionally short fanfiction of only 5 short stories “Ephemerality”). And that defined the rest of his character.

The rest is all totally made up. I wondered what he would be like as a chef (because I like chefs; I want to be one someday). I said he would devote all his time to a single meal, fixing it with great care and finishing it completely before moving on to the next. He won’t even use the same dishes for the next meal preparations in succession. Of course, he also has a temper…

If you say “No” to his question…

 “Fool! You silly, unseeing child! If all you seek in life is to fill your stomach with
some tasteless matter, then why are there Chefs in this world?! We labor tirelessly to make something wonderful that will disappear from sight as soon as it is enjoyed. That is the life of a Chef! That is the life of a Trainer!”

And that is what would actually happen if you talked back to a Chef in France XD. Words to live by.

Ironically, I didn’t give him any dramatic depths… Plus, his short stories are very simple and short–expounding on his persona and some aspects of his past (like his first Pokémon, how he got into the Elite 4, etc.). But I wanted his life to focus on his being a chef because…really. Do all the people in Pokémon have to be obsessed with Pokémon and them alone? There are other people there that must do other things like we do here, after all! So that’s what I tried to make him be.

Also, I want to become like Siebold…focused…bold… How do I do that?

(Also, I made Professor Sycamore into a grandiose child who loves to play jump rope with Pokémon XD Yes… His theme song is the best song ever~~)


Conclusion: I’m Done Boring You Now

Well, I hope I explained my random ideas and feelings well enough for you. That’s why I have 3 fanfictions and 3 characters I enjoy as my own. While I have not posted any of my fanfictions, I may get bold someday and put them on Figment.com…

Until then, take these links for things I talked about that aren’t mine!





“NOT FOUND”??!! NOOO WHY??!!! [Drahm pose]


Here. Try to hear him XD


The video that inspired FM’s character. No really.






Pokémon X is the neener





Come, Professor. Let us jump rope!!


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