Why I Will Never be Famous

The following weekly ramblings installment is basically my explaining, in-depth, why my books will never be famous and why I was born to be nothing other than a fleeting glimmer in the wind. And why I really need to learn to accept that…

(written while listening to the Hotel Rachissime song on infinite repeat~)

The other day, while the rain fell and while the wind was whipping across the land, wishing the rain were snow, my mom and I went to Barnes and Noble to find a DVD to watch (because we have renounced TV forever). I bought the new Adventure Time DVD because I already feel nostalgic for the “good old days of AT.” (Why does it stink now?) My mom, on the other hand, bought “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir,” an old film (for her nostalgia of the days when movies were actually thought about before they were produced). She insisted I would like the movie, so I agreed to watch it while she made banana bread at home. I won’t lie…the movie sounds exactly like something I would conjure. Mrs. Muir was unhappy in her marriage, the husband died, she moved to a haunted house in the middle of nowhere with her daughter, she encountered the ghost of the seaman who used to live in that house, he subconsciously influenced her to write a book to help her pay her bills (because you could actually pay bills with books back then), and they formed a connection. Then…a v ann from the publishing company fell in love with her and promised her happiness only for the ghost to get jealous and eventually leave, wishing her happiness…but then the blaeh face turned out to be a weirdo, and Mrs. Muir lived the rest of her life alone and unhappy with no memory of the ghost or how the book came to be. Except they reunite in the end when she dies, and they walk though the front door to be bathed in a golden light of happiness.

In other words, it sounds like my life…well, my imagined life, I mean.

Not only did I bawl my eyes out in my room secretly after watching the movie, but I thought about movies and literature in general. What happened? Now, I know I am partially (OK a lot) corrupt to talk about this subject, for I am like an old lady–I believe everything was better back then that it is today. That being said…WHAT HAPPENED?

I mean…literature used to be a big thing back then. If you wrote a book, you were just as great as the doctors and other important people. You were someone to be admired and looked to for knowledge and wisdom. Now…? Books are…just books. Plus, back then, books were about LIFE. Because there was no internet and random stuff, no one knew what it was like in other parts of the world. If someone wrote about their time in Paris, everyone went nuts because no one had the time or money or means of travel to get there! Now, everyone and their dog (dogs are highly respected in France) goes to Paris. Except for me because I’m broke –___– So, what are books about now? RANDOM RADIO! No, that’s not true. They’re about…I dunno. The same things with the same stuff…and wierdos. Lots and lots and lots of wierdos. What’s with all the wierdos?

Sigh. Don’t get me wrong…I used to write about only happy things. Everything was happy and perfect…Until I went nuts, and then everything turned into Dreamland (psychological conflicts, nightmares, lots of drama, depression; all that fun stuff). Now I can’t write anything without making the main character a psychopath. What has become of me? But, all the themes and ideas of my books are basically the same: that kind of old-fashioned “what was his or her life like?” That kind of curiosity and immersion that may or may not still exist. Nowadays, it’s not really about those simple ideas or characters or their lives…it’s about zombies and killing everyone and ending the world trillions of times for no reason.

Have you ever read one of those old books? I don’t mean the ones everyone knows, either. If you walk into an antique store, there will be plenty of books you’ve never heard of just waiting to be kept company. Maybe that’s who I am. Those little books nestled among the shelves with the fancy covers and pretty pictures (and, arguably, neener titles); those ones that will draw the eye of only the willing ones–the ones that turn from the norm and feel compassion for the lost and forgotten.

Maybe they, too, will find me…


Welcome to the end of this post. This is the obligatory marketing section. Please feel free to roll your eyes or mumble under your breath, “Here we go again.”

I actually have a novel no one cares about on Smashwords.com. If you are the kind of person that is looking for something different to read, please feel free to check out my book.


Also, I am transforming my Cutie Pie’s Facebook page into a fun place to gather facts on baking knowledge and to find cool recipes and things to try. If you like baking (or if you are curious about baking), please go check that out, too. I promise there will be something interesting to see sometime within the coming week.


If you are confused as to why I also bake…well, let’s just say baking doesn’t make any money, either.


“Characters & Ideas I ‘Borrowed'”

In-depth analyses of Adventure Time’s weirdest episodes

Research? Nonsense! (Except if I think it’s fun)

Any ideas of things you’d like me to say? Post your suggestions in ye olde comment section below.


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