Random Update

I have updated my blog. I have also published more books on Smashwords–well, there’s only one real book; the rest are short stories. I’m also going to update my Figment stories. So, enjoy my actually doing something for once.

Also, what is with Adventure Time lately? Did they run out of material since “The Vault”? Or did someone else take over? Or did they ruin the whole concept of AT since that episode and now they’re having identity crisis? Sigh. I’m so confused…

Also, J’adore Pokémon X~~~

And Siebold from Pokémon X…Oh stank, Siebold… That is what I long to become. (I already “borrowed” his character) I’ll devote a whole post to that idea XD Sooo wait for that.

And…once again…please read SFC…



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