That Which We Forgot

I’m back from wherever I went. I suppose baking has procured all my time, as usual, and so has the Elusive one (as usual), who is forcing me to finish Guardian of Subconscious Influences (not that I mind). In any event, here’s a weekly ramblings installment.


I’ve never been fond of science fiction (sci-fi). The idea of a whacked-out, futurized world filled with Heaven-knows-what still doesn’t intrigue me. But, the ideas and purpose of sci-fi books does interest me–too much. At one time, I flat-out refused to write anything even remotely close to sci-fi, yet I kept getting bombarded with ideas from thin air (as ideas are accustomed to doing) that were “sci-fi” in nature.

Finally, I gave up and wrote some. Little did I know how fun it was and that writing sci-fi doesn’t mean writing about robots [12.12 faints] or hoverboards or aliens or whatever. It’s showing what the future could be in a way that makes it seem like it already is that way. In other words, it’s like being a psychic detective and inferring what kinds of traits shown in humanity today will blow up in the future–then draw on those traits and over-emphasize them, over-exaggerating them into intriguing plot devices and worlds much different than our own (Yet, as my old English teacher said, “puts a mirror up”).

So, I admit, once I got past the idea that sci-fi was all weird creatures fighting against each other, I knew I had stumbled upon something interesting. So, I began to ponder the world and those certain traits of humanity which I could integrate into sci-fi-like stories. Then, I returned to such sci-fi things I liked (The Twilight Zone and Fahrenheit 451) and let those ideas slip into my subconscious for later. Then, the ideas came, and I listened this time rather than just dismissing them or writing them down on sad pieces of paper and branding “forbidden–use only as last resort” on them. Nevermore.

Don’t let me steer you wrong, I haven’t completely braced my “sci-fi” side yet. I still feel odd writing these stories, and I feel even weirder talking about them. Plus, none of them feel particularly “sci-fi” in nature because I combine them with other genres and conform them into ~CRK style or make them into anime (I know. It’s a habit).  But, I feel more used to the idea than I was in 2011, where I branded all such nonsensical ideas as “forbidden” because I refused to be that kind of person.

Hmmm…But who knows? A lot can be said with just a few words or some random idea…


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