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Posted On August 17, 2013

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I find myself with nothing of much significance about which to ramble; so, I will say only this:

I have been writing a lot lately. I’ve finally returned to my original “soul story” (as the kids on Kidpub used to call them), ZCN/TIES. Finally. I suppose I could mention that revision comes easily for that story…

It used to be that each mark felt like a scar upon my fragile heart; I couldn’t bare to rip the original (finished) manuscript to shreds. But, I realized, after reading the improved version (the 3rd and last one) that I wasn’t hurting the story—I was improving it. The original may have been true to life, yes (going back to days when I couldn’t describe scenery to save my life), but it stunk. Now, with all my experience and emotional expertise, the characters can live and breathe, and the scenes can paint themselves before readers’ eyes. Though, sometimes I still feel bad for altering the “original view” of I*V and ZCN’s adventures. But, to tell true, the magic and fantasy changed practically every year, mirroring my growing maturity, intelligence, and curiosity. So, which version of ZCN/TIES is the “real” version? I have no idea.

All I know is that this final revision is staying the way it is XD

More on all this nonsense to come…

[returns to writing]


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