Random Thoughts on “Equestria Girls” (MLP movie)

On a whim, I watched the full movie on Youtube because I was curious what all the fuss was about. Here are some of my thoughts (P.S. If you didn’t notice it by now, I’m an MLP fan).

Yar, thar be spoilers ahead.


I liked the growth but not the premise.

[Princess] Twilight Sparkle’s growth during the movie was great; I liked seeing her get used to the idea of being a princess and using her usual determination to help others. I also enjoyed watching her get used to the idea of being a human (it could be considered a kind of analogy of suddenly becoming a princess and having to get used to that) and seeing her usual self-confidence she had as a pony shine through at the end with her talking to Sunset Shimmer during the “redemption.”

Though…it feels like this is going to have to be redone in the first episode of season 4, so that makes me feel a little blah, and that’s all I thought about throughout the movie–“Is this a continuation of the plot, or are all these great elements going to have to be reintroduced in the real universe?”

As for the premise…well, that’s coming later in this rambling session.


My thoughts on the Elements of Harmony & Sunset Shimmer’s “Transformation”

I believe the Elements of Harmony have the power to instill revelations and repentance in its targets, either by way of realization through flashbacks, emotion that instills transformation, or Divine intervention that allows for a second chance.

That said, the turnaround still left something to be desired–especially because it added possible depth to Sunset’s character that wasn’t touched at all in the movie. Villains are people, too–they aren’t just cardboard cutouts. Sunset deserved way more character development (and, thusly, uniqueness). What made her be that way? Bullies have trauma that instill their behavior–isolation, abuse, longing for acceptance, emotional projection–she just seems like she’s being evil for evil’s sake. But, her last words give the idea that she may have never known what friendship is and had to struggle through life knowing only hatred or control-madness (that’s some insanity depth bordering Dreamland for me)–but we get nothing that shows that! All we get is a bland statement from her in the end, and plus, if you really are emotional and overcome with repentance, everything tends to flood out with tears–especially to someone with open arms willing to help!

For all we know, she may be the mask or the box–the mask covers true emotions with fake ones; the box suppresses all emotion, which eventually blows up in the end. But, we never see her make different faces when she’s alone or see random flashbacks or hear intriguing lines, so she’s just another “Look at me–I’m a blaeh face! Listen to everything I say because I’m an unstable teenager who can post mean things about you online just cuz I can!”

Yes, now you see my true colors [CF] I just love the emotional drama.


Premise [it kinda stunk]

On top of all the character stuff I just mentioned, Sunset’s ambitions and motivation made no sense. We were never told why she hated/was jealous of/[insert emotion here] Twilight Sparkle or why she even bothered to steal the crown in the first place! OK, it was because of “world domination.” Sigh. Please. No more world domination; find something else to rule.

Perhaps the answer lies in her untold past–maybe she’s the quintessential “I want to be the prodigy, but I’m not, so I’ll be super jealous of the prodigy while working insanely on my own to be the best.” But…doesn’t that sound a tad familiar?Whatever. Please support character development and drahm epis.

Also, she didn’t destroy the portal for a reason…other than world domination…Could there be some emotional attachment? Maybe she’s actually a girl who wanted t be a magical pony and got her wish? Maybe she wanted to leave reality for something else? Oh, no–that would me she really is in Dreamland O.x Never mind………


Magical girl transformations are priceless XD

Enough said.


The songs were…eh.

I honestly was hoping the song in the trailer would be used sometime in the film; it was the best song related to the movie! I liked some of the instrumental/background songs, of course, but the pop tunes……………hmmm


It would have been ten times better if the other 5 were not friends at all or had lost each other o their own accords.

I know; you think I’m crazy. But, here it is…

If that were the case, then TS would have brought them all together utilizing her memories of their good times together as ponies (and their good traits, which she knows from experience [can you say “princess initiation”?]).

Also, it would show that friends are not perfect–they, too, have their fair share of troubles and drama. But, friends don’t have to be perfect; they have to be accepting and forgiving of each other’s faults. I think it would have been much better this way than throwing in the whole “the bully ruins everything” card.


The big whatever

I liked the whole “unity vs. separation” idea, too…but…WHY DOES THE BULLY HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING?! DID SHE BRAINWASH THEM ALL OR SOMETHING?! (Was the principal noncaring because of her, too?) Maybe…it is all a dream……….O.o OK. Enough of that nonsense. Y’know…People do tend to separate in high school…just saying…………It’s called “life”…………


I completely agree with AnY Pony…Spike stole the show XD I love it……


Love is a many-splendored thing?

Sigh. I won’t say anything except…I’ll impose my views on romance. (Warning: I’ve never had a boyfriend. I know; big shocker [rolls eyes] But, I know a ton because I think I have some kind of love instinct or something…Who knows?)

Princess Twilight Sparkle does need a love interest. BUT…she needs someone for her–not another carbon copy cardboard cutout or someone who could be her twin. She needs someone who is just as determined, driven, and hardworking as she is…but someone who makes time for other things (she probably needs to learn this…or did she already?). She also needs someone who can inspire her to be more self-confident (because that wavers sometimes). Or maybe she doesn’t need anyone at all; there are kinds of girls that are independent and don’t have any interest in love at all [I’m not one of them XD]. 

BUT, if she does get a love interest, he has to be a good person who will be a FRIEND FIRST, and the relationship has to be GRADUAL. I’M SO SICK OF THESE 5-MINUTE MOVIE ROMANCES!! TRUE LOVE IS A GRADUAL PROCESS!! (I mean…love at first sight exists…but “marriage” at first sight does not–oh, who am I kidding; this is a kids’ show! Why would they do this?!)

Sigh…Anyway………..The friend relationship (or so I’ve been told by my subconscious) is the best kind. Plus, this would open many doors for possible conflict in episodes–like “everyone needs to be alone sometimes to think,” “he visits only every once in a while, but these times may conflict with friends’ activities,” “oh the horrible teenage internal conflicts and constant worry” [just kidding…Adventure Time as that one covered [cringes]]. Pus, the whole…friendship blurs with love, and later, the feeling changes…and oh, the confusion that results! The constant soul-searching and sickness!

Well…whatever. I’m done ranting now.


Random nitpick

I don’t think TS would be able to learn to play soccer that quickly–especially because her coordination has to be horrendous. Plus, we nerds are often not very athletically inclined…


[That’s all for now…maybe more to come later………..]


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