I Have Returned

Posted On July 18, 2013

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Well, my internet died for a week or two, so this is my first time returning. Ah, how I had forgotten how life continued without the internet… Fortunately, I still had Animal Crossing to alleviate my boredom (and some writing, but I digress).

I really have nothing to say, so let’s just get this rambling over with.

Recently, I have discovered a new philosophy that I shall implement (or have already subconsciously implemented) in my life: something I like to call “New Old-Fashioned.” New things in old-fashioned ways. For example, I bought a My Little Pony tin made for trading cards and am using it as a lunchbox (like those old-fashioned ones). I adore all things old-fashioned…antiques, old houses, literature, etc. Yet, I am still a being of the present times (sadly or not), so I have become so used to the present…yet so longing for the past. Thus, I am a convergence of the two: new and old-fashioned. One could say the same for my writing style, but I highly doubt such a thing.

I should also mention my new word that seems to slip into my dialect so often these days is “arbitrarily.” It happens arbitrarily.

In other news, I am writing KRW!! (That’s “Kids Are We” for you folks) So, I shall talk about that in-depth some other time when it’s not 10 at night and when my to-do list isn’t a scroll that wraps the house in a ribbon.


I bid thee farewell.


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