The Paths That Open Before You

Finally; a literature rambling installment!! But first, a random update…that has nothing to do with anything, really. I am basically nonexistent on DeviantArt now, and I’m trying to get back to posting my stories on–ONLY because I love the format (can’t steal text ;p). Sooo…


And now, this is the part where I ramble extemporaneously about writing topics.

Now that SFC is finished (well, mostly), I have been preoccupying myself with writing 2 new story ideas side-by-side. They are both novels; one is called Life in the Shadows, and the other is called Winter.

Life in the Shadows is basically about me. The idea was inspired by a Figment contest (naturally) for the random new genre of “New Adult,” which I find rediculous…yet, that thought didn’t keep me from jumping on the bandwagon when the prize section said “your own person editor.” Anyway, I’ve become to love the idea simply because it pretty much follows my life as a “New Adult,” if you will. Not that anyone can relate to be personality-wise (but, I stealthily made it so that they can relate to her externally [as in technology, life situations, etc] mwahahahaaaaa). Please don’t ask to read samples because it is utterly discombobulated–I’ll explain why later in this paper.

Winter is brilliant. It was inspired by the random idea of (verbatim) “HMMM WHAT ABOUT A CHARA THAT DOESNT KNOW WHO SHE IS, BUT SHE FINDS A BOOK THAT TELLS HER STORY, AND AS SHE READS IT, SHE LIVES IT??” That was from Random Comment Page…my journal on Notepad. And, that is basically the plot in a nutshell…except the real happenings are much more complex than that. The plot didn’t unfurl itself more than that, so I am basically writing as I go. And…I like it that way…

So, what do these 2 stories have in common? NOTHING! Except the way they are written.

Life in the Shadows has one, big, overall plot line (pun): “Nina Fullbright has always been told she is a bright girl; but, at 20-years-old, she still has no life to call her own. Jobs elude her, boys avoid her, and troubles always seem to find her. But, once the gates of opportunity open, everything good and bad floods her at once.” Also from RCP…
But the little subsections and events, themselves, are left to me. So, I have been (literally) writing random scenes in a notebook and starting the beginning on a word document; each time the random scenes coincide with the word document, I add them there, and the puzzle begins to form itself. So, what I have now is nothing but random scenes–hence, “discombobulated.” But, oddly, it’s fun to write it this way because I have no real set timeline yet. So, in a sense, I can decide what the final puzzle will look like.

As for Winter, the idea is there, but the plot is totally made-up. I have no idea what it is yet…I just know that it is definitely going to be fantasy (finally; I love fantasy!) and a “write-as-you-go” type thing…in first person interspersed with 3rd. Yep… With very, very large themes and metaphors. I don’t even know about the fantasy world!

So, here is what they have in common…cohabiting daydreaming and writing–an impossibility for someone like me who loves to spend hours daydreaming about characters & plots & fantasy worlds & psychological conflicts and never once putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to explain it all to those outside my mind. But…as I’ve learned, it can be good to try new things.

Speaking of new things, I am going to try posting new topics, etc. under posts in the coming weeks. Please keep reading, and…

to writers: keep writing!

to everyone else: keep dreaming!


Follow the path your book gives you…you never know where it will take you.

My current random fascinations: papercrafting (and bookbinding and typewriters and calligraphy), painting (though I stink at art), and learning to be ambidextrous.


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