5 Followers?! O.O

Posted On June 21, 2013

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It amazes me that people are actually following my blog…I guess instead of downsizing myself, I should be saying thanks!! Sooo

Thanks a lot to my followers :3 It really means a lot…And I guess I’m just curious how you guys found out about me and why you find my blog interesting. I always like hearing from people.

The main reason for starting this blog was for me to ramble about author-esque stuff and stuff pertaining to writing, so I promise to get back to those kinds of things soon. I am currently writing…nothing (I hope this changes soon; I’m stuck in the daydreaming stage again), but I will dig up some topics (like common themes I add to books and why I like them and how I subtly allude to them or whatever) for you guys.

Please continue reading! It means a lot to me… ^__^

TT^TT I’m so happy…


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