My First Novel is Completely Penned!!

Yes, SFC is completely written! [dances around like a maniac]

There is still a lot left to do, though (revising, planning, formatting, publishing…Oh, so much!)
, so that will keep me busy for a while.

As for my thoughts…This experience leaves me with an oddly unconvinced feeling; it’s as though it isn’t done…My mind can’t believe it. But, at the same time, I feel completely content. At first, I thought actually finishing a book would leave me with an empty feeling, but I remember that finishing one means I can start another and another. My journey goes on! Plus, there’s still those sequels…

And so, after two years, I can say SFC is done. I don’t regret choosing it as my debut novel; I love the theme, and I really like how it has turned out so far. I’m just afraid what my editor friends will say XD

Oh, well…only time will tell! Stay tuned!

(I promise to go more in-depth about this later…I’m actually busy now X3)


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