My First Step as an Author

Well, after a lot of thinking and research, I decided to publish my first e-book on I really liked the site, and it sounded exactly like what I wanted, so I signed up and went for it. In order to get used to the process of formatting, etc (and because I have not finished a book yet), I published a short story of mine first. It is basically a tool for me to gain readers and intrigued followers. I have set the price for free, so anyone can read it and “buy” it if they wish to do so.

And where do you come in in all this? Well, dear reader, I beseech you. Please try out my short story. If you don’t like it, you never have to see my face again. If you do like it, please either post a review (preferably more in-depth than a “totally awesome”), download it, or tell your friends (or even just a friend) and allow the cycle of “I never want to hear from ~CRK  again” or “I think ~CRK is great!”

For, without readers, what are authors?

Now, pardon me as I shove links in your face.

Flicker (free!):

My profile page:


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