I Still Try

For reasons unknown, I decided to sign up for DeviantArt–simply because they have added “literature” to their at categories, and I adored the idea of calling it “literature.” I’ve become obsessed with it now, and I’ve posted quite a few worthless endeavors of mine. It’s so fascinating. I hope by the time I’m ready to publish my book I’ll have more than four friends so that I can promote my book online (I’ve decided to go with E-publishing to get my foot in the door. Sigh. What a sad life I live). I’ve gone through tons of writing websites in my day, and I haven’t enjoyed most of them (besides Kidpub); of course, I also have the worst mindset for any living being (especially one in pursuit of art) to possess: the unbelievably pessimistic mindset. I’ve told myself I need to post a new story a week even if no one else sees it or cares. I also told myself I can’t remove any said stories…especially if the only reason is my ever-famous “no one cares.” It’s there; therefore, someone will see it. I must be here for a reason because I’m here, and I must be a writer for a reason or else I wouldn’t have these talents.

So…I promise I’ll keep going. I’ll try to post weekly ramblings here, too.

For all those inquiring minds out there:




Remember…don’t be like me. Keep writing even if no one cares. Someone cares…Someone is bound to care. Even if it’s not until forever from now…

Besides, fame is overrated…once you’ve achieved it.


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