Random Radio

Whenever I have tons of stuff to do, I lock myself in the computer room with my guinea pigs and force myself to get it all done, allowing myself the usual Youtube breaks and snack breaks and bath breaks (water clears my head) so that I can return to my usual, vivacious self each step of the way. In the morning, the computer room is invaded by all my books and notes from school and writing, mirroring my cluttered mind so much that by the end of the day, when my head feels ten times lighter and when my list is only four tasks long, I have to stop and organize everything because it all looks like a mess to Miss OCD Organizer (me).

So, what does this have to do with this week’s installment of Weekly Ramblings?

Simply, this…………..I HAVE A LOT ON MY MIND!!!


I have returned to SFC even though I have a big chapter stump and no idea how to end the novel!!

I am deciding between a book within a book story or a story about a mysterious bakery for my blog novel…and I’m wondering whether I should begin another section about thinking about Adventure Time episodes (some of them are wierd…me wierd–and let me tell you, that’s its own brand of wierd).

I also want to do a random post about me for no reason, but I always hate doing that because I think others find me self-centered or think I’m wierd and leave and…sigh.

So, here’s all of those things.


I won’t go into SFC. It shall come. It always does.

As for the blog novel…I am torn between 2 ideas. I am notorious for having trillions of story ideas all floating in the air at once, but I can’t pick any of those because they’re either set to be a book or short story (that I would not want others copying) or I have thought about them deeply and given them great consideration…so they wouldn’t qualify as “Just Write” stories.

Also, some are creepy…I blame 2011.


As for me, well…let’s just set that for another day. (I totally forgot what I was going to say –___–)


Phew. Glad that’s over with…

I shall return another day when I can actually think straight. Ah, the joys of being discombobulated…



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