Different Mindsets

*This is a “weekly ramblings” installment…hence the random title.

Having worked on SFC extensively for a while now, my mind is overloaded and is taking a break from writing SFC, though I still find myself wanting to write it…I just can’t bring myself to do it.

So, instead, I’ve been writing other things and pondering about my characters (as usual).

The things I’m working on now are…

SFC Trilogy (Subtle, Flowing Changes & Step-by-Step & Last Days, Lost Days)

I Have Seen the Future (How I long to write it again, though I feel it still needs a lot of contemplation)

The Elusive François-Marcel (just the short stories)

Out of Darkness

As I have been for the past half-year, it seems like. Sigh.

I usually get into “phases” which come with certain stories that are have some kind of subconscious similarity and some kind of tie-in to my current obsessions (Which makes sense considering none of my obsessions have changed since…the era of 2012>>2013, which began sometime in…December? Well…maybe August…). These make up the “phase” I’m in now.

I guess I should explain the other 3 a little…so you can see what tie-ins they have with SFC.

I Have Seen the Future is about a second grade teacher named Molly who spends her days running around and never having a breath to sit down. She is a closet novelist who enjoys the simple things in life while she can (during when she rushes from job-to-job and home again). Her elderly mother is slowly deteriorating mentally, and Molly must look after her while she stays in her small apartment downtown. The story eventually introduces the idea that began the story…a little girl named Enchantée is a clairsentient who has been writing about Molly’s life through fairy-tale-like poems; she eventually falls under Molly’s teaching (in second grade). Enchantée is…[insert disorder here] (it has something to do with being “anti-social” and very “slow” in learning…though she has psychic abilities and uncanny perception in her mystical poems. Yah. I’m that kind of person who likes these kinds of characters…) and…I dunno. I guess she helps Molly somehow. That’s the problem…there isn’t a real…direction in the plot. The two find each other and then what? That’s where I’m lost. It doesn’t seem like Molly has a real problem with her character, life, or whatever…but does Enchan teach her something?

Out of Darkness is…slowly becomming very dramatic and creepy (as usual…sigh). It’s simply a…video game-like RPG story about a group of teens who must work together to save their island home from the darkness it’s been thrust into. Little do they know…


I’ll warn you ahead of time…I could go on for hours talking about The Elusive François-Marcel. Not even the book…but also by the character for which it’s named. FM is…a very interesting soul. It took me a long while to realize I’m probably him in disguise or vice-versa, but we are not the same (as some people often think of my characters). The short stories are basically just instances in his seemingly ordinary life told in his point of view.

Many people would probably not care at all for these short stories. At first, I delved into his character simply for who he is and for his extraordinarily fascinating dialog style (which seems very ironic, but is apparently very common upon quiet people). The idea of him and just the co-existance of his mannerisms and the enigmatic depth within his psyche fascinated me too much…so much that I finished his entire character description in three days…before writing more and more over the next 10 months (wow. That’s a long time…). I don’t want to tell more about who he is because I’m afraid I’ll scare people away…He bears a certain…uncommon artistic profession… Also, he is a very philosophical individual…he thinks a lot. Not only that, but many of the stories just–inbetween the boring plot and random ramblings–have some very profound observations and lines.

I dunno. I just think it’s so fascinating. If I had it my way, I would debut with these short stories and other things about him instead of SFC, but then everyone would have wierd connotations and opinions about me that would probably keep them from looking at all my other books. So, in a sense, The Elusive François-Marcel is the thing I want to write, but it’s also the thing that would probably never sell ever. So, it’s my tragic story. Hey, that makes him happy. Never mind. It’s supposed to be that way XD

But…the style (though it’s technically his style) is almost epitomizing of me and what I would like to write or what I would like to read. It’s basically born of my learning to analyze and critique and to write things without blatantly saying something in plain words. It makes you think…and I liked that.

I’m almost done with the short stories in the collection now, and that makes me sad (of course I’ve been adding more). Though, there is also a story arc (which, unfortunately connects to another story series which is extremely long and which I haven’t thought of since I was in high school!) and poems, etc. that are part of the book. Like the title suggests, The Elusive François-Marcel contains basically random things about FM, himself. So…just stuff.

This is what happens when a character fascinates me too much. Plus, the other odd thing about him is that he doesn’t have a story to himself, per se…but…a bunch of different stories. It’s complicated.

Did I mention he’s also the personification of the subconscious? I also have a personification of knowledge, who is another of my favorite characters…go figure O.o

OK. I’m done. Really!

[FM- Ah, is it so?]

…Sigh. Like I said, I could go on for hours…Not that I like to or anything…

[FM- [slight smile]]

…End post.


*The other tragedy of being a writer is having these fascinations and no one to share them with XD

I think he’s just the coolest thing, but no one else cares…That’s probably why no one would buy the book.

OK. I know I have to stop talking like that…

Of course someone would buy it…maybe…

I would…sigh.


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