The Mysteries of SFC Revealed (Part 2)

I’ll try my best to explain the underlying theme of SFC, though I’m not sure how I’ll go about doing it now that I’m actually typing…it seemed easier just thinking about it. Would it make more sense if I posted sections of chapters?

Speaking of which…should I post stories on here? I guess I could…though I’m not sure whether I should because I’m afraid they’ll be stolen –___– Plus, it may not be entertaining reading some of my wierd things and noting my side-comments and reflections on my works. Eh. What do I know? Let me know what you’d like to see in the comments…

As for now…

It took me a while to solidify the proof that the mysterious vibe implicated in SFC deserved to stay there. I made the vague feeling into the underlying theme…which is that of something in the past that was lost. (Please bear with me a moment; I have only half a mind of what I’m pontificating) The symbols in SFC are the abandoned part of the city library, the city itself (which I really want to jokingly name Esoteria or something like that), the mysterious mountain, and the abandoned third level of the school (which, incidentally, is also underground).

They all have an important significance…they are the only living proof of the land that once existed where the city is now. The city was built upon a national park; the only remains of this park is the “Enchanted Forest” which surrounds the mountain outside the city and the archives buried and left forgotten in the archives of library. This tale is told as a kind of folk tale in school and among kids, though the tale is true. Many do not acknowledge its truth or that this idea brings about a darker aspect of the city and the surrounding area. It is a kind of…[I know not how else to say it…I have to use one of my terms; I’ll explain it later] “Dreamland” that only a few acknowledge. So, the city itself is a “Dreamland.”

This is why SFC is magical realism…I guess

So…”Dreamland” is a term I coined from another one of my stories, which is called “Return to Dreamland.” In a sense, it’s the darker side of imagination and dreams–the insane side. You know…there’s imagination which brings creativity and then there’s…”craziness” which brings genius and–it’s that fine line kind of idea. That’s what I mean. So, I use it to mean something that’s darker or crazy or…whatever. I stink at this. If a character is in Dreamland, he or she is psychologically…unstable in a certain way. So, the city has this kind of effect.

It’s a living symbol of the mystique and the fact that we’ve forgotten something (by “we,” I mean the people living in the city). A thing we’ve formed that we just…accept.

I tend to find this theme all over my stories now…hidden…(a return to the past or whatever; I’m all about returning to simpler days XD)

I’m going to shut up before I ruin this more. If it makes more sense in poetry form, here’s Mariah’s poem, which explains this concept to a “T.”

P.S. Mariah is the only one that knows this Dreamland exists…and she’s in Dreamland…




            There it sits, a landmark of a bygone era

            An age where stories were told in black and white

            What’s left of it now but an empty shell

            And a fleeting melodie of dreams past.

            A structure of brick and mortar,

            Decaying to the world’s advances

            Yet thriving under the harshest conditions;

            The morn heralds its cheerful song

            And the night sets stage to its mournful

            Ballads of unrequited love.

            Thinking to the day when company was close

            And citizens tended to its every need

            When spiders and cobwebs and all life’s

            Forgotten creatures weren’t its only friends.

            So rings throughout the night its songs

            Of wishing, of waiting and wanting

            For one to claim it as his own

            And to restore it to its former glory

            And along with it, the world.

            A world of things past and present

            When simplicity was key and work was

            Something more valuable than money

            And friends more valuable than work.

            So rings through the day its call

            For one soul to answer

            Fragments of its soul scatter through

            The moonbeams and the sunrays,

            Hoping to reach one’s ears near

            To call upon them to open their eyes

            And cast away their cares and open their heart

            To the solemn foundation of days lost,

            Whose wish nightly reaches the stars,

            But never returns to the earth.



“I didn’t think it was possible for you to write something so gothic.”

“Can I help it I pass an abandoned building every morning?”


2 Responses to “The Mysteries of SFC Revealed (Part 2)”

  1. misfortunedogged

    Theme is interesting in that there are many subconscious ways in which they appear.

    In other words, you may decide you want to play a bit with the symbolism. The system doesn’t need to be terribly strict or overt, it can be suggested in a variety of ways. One idea, for example, is to list characters, think about their detailed arcs, and frame distinctly differing relations between the theme and the character.

  2. penguingirl12

    I think I may have done that already (not entirely sure)…at least…I try. I’m not sure how to explain the entirety of everything.

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