The Mysteries of SFC Revealed (Part 1)

Posted On March 24, 2013

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It is part one because this is going to be horrendously long. I tend to ramble on and on about these kinds of things. First of all, SFC is my abbreviation for me novel, Subtle, Flowing Changes; also, I am a firm believer in theory that writers merely dictate from other forces that provide us with stories. I call mine subconscious influences because they are simply that–influences from my subconscious, where everything goes to be processed and goes to be fermented, proofed, and later baked (like bread). If I have just scared you away, I beg you to return and read what I have to say.

Now, I shall attempt to retell the entire story of SFC, from random idea to fully-developed (I hope) book.

Let’s see…I have only a vague idea of what SFC used to be…I know it centered around the infamous mountain, which shall be later discussed in detail. It was also a “magical girl” anime XD Go figure…I’ve been trying to write one for years. Anyway, Mariah had superpowers or something. Boy, how that’s changed!! [Cera sulks]

Anyway, I decided to abandon that idea for favor of a “school story.” I really don’t want to say that the new idea was inspired by/based on/whatever on “Book Girl” (it’s a series of manga that isn’t actually manga–it’s words!) and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s prolific use of vocabulary (so much that I had to look up every other word in every other sentence), but technically…it is and was inspired by those things. It went from totally magical to normal to normal with a hint of mystery and magic…and that is where it has stayed.

Literally, the story itself came from thin air. The night before I “wrote” SFC, I had been pondering the new idea (the non-magical girl idea) late at night before I went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, muddling through the morning routine before driving to school, I thought nothing of it until I entered the car and, before sending a message to my mom telling her I was on my way, I read a simple message from her (which is referenced in its entirety in chapter 2). And POOF; SFC came into being. The entire time I was driving to school, Cera was dictating chapter two in my head (Which was surprising in itself, considering I mostly think in anime form and even sometimes in manga form…but never in no pictures and narrative form!!). By the way, the story did begin with chapter two. After I dictated chapter two, I went back and filled in the blanks for chapter one, which is why it’s just an “intro.”

This process continued for chapters 3-5, 6-7, and 8-10 until Cera just…disappeared. She didn’t come after I woke anymore to start rambling in my head. I was at a loss, and I didn’t want to ruin the story, so SFC sat for about a half-year and did nothing (Not true…it proofed heavily).

It wasn’t until the end of 2012 that I revived SFC (oh, and through it all, I had thought of the ideas for the two sequels…Yes, SFC is a trilogy! Go figure), and I quickly learned that Cera allowed me to take over. How trusting of her…Too bad for her that I revised it like mad and, therefore, changed a bunch of stuff. [Cera throws a fit]

For starters, I lengthened some of the chapters and changed some of the wierd parts of the plot that were references to the old idea and nothing more. I also wrote (from scratch) chapters 11 on along with the ends of chapters 9 and 10 (which were only half-done). I developed Mariah’s character more (Cera is basically there already; she wasn’t that hard to grasp), and I devoted my time to uncovering the msyterious aspect behind SFC.

Before I delve into what I believe to be utter genius, I must say that I used to stink at literature analysis. Whenever we’d talk about literature or poetry in school, I never knew what to say. Now, I think it’s just because I was young then and had no concept of abstract things, like the word “paradox.” I never understood the word by definition alone; I had to understand it conceptually, and I didn’t obtain that frame of mindset until 2011, when everything went downhill…when I became and author and wrote SFC. When I took art, literature analysis, fiction writing, the literary magazine club, and psychology in college.

It was only after I became quite a prophetic mind (partly due to another influence of mine whom I shall not discuss…great I’m talking like him again) and became familiar with such concepts and critiquing others’ works that I could critique my own work and analyze it thus (Ugh. Enough with his dialog style!!).

That being said…You’ll have to wait until part 2 to hear about the big, mysterious, underlying theme of SFC!!



[Cera is crying in the corner]

Sigh. Relax, CB. Just relax.


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