Titles are Optional

Alas, here is my first attempt to write something totally random once and week and post this folly for the world to see. These things will have random titles, by the way. This one came from the simple fact that it is apparently optional to assign titles for these blog posts. Hmm. Interresting…

I’m not that much of a fascinating soul. I admit that. I like to think I am and that that fact alone will somehow make people find me more interresting. I guess not. [Have I really been spelling interresting wrong all this time? O.o] Anyway, I am a person who is intrigued by characters easily. If I find an interresting [ugh there I go again] character, I “borrow” that character [imbue them into another character I shall integrate in a story someday] for future use. I admit that a lot of my ideas are “borrowed,” but that’s how it is with all writers…after all, we can’t have anything without influences. One thing I can’t stand, though, is that it seems like everyone is always stealing my ideas. Not that my ideas are easily accessible to the public or anything, but still! I have had certain ideas or unique concepts forever, and one day–there they are in some randoms story or commerical or something. It just makes me mad. [Yes, I know I stink at spelling; who cares?]

On the other hand, some of my ideas cannot possibly be stolen, and I shall not divulge my favorite characters and story ideas for just this reason: they haven’t been taken yet!!

OK, maybe just one…but not FM. I don’t want anyone to take him. [I won’t even tell you his real name; just his initial nickname!!]

…Nah. He’s the only one XD Everyone else is inspired or whatever. Sigh. Most of my characters are like me; unfortunately, after having had psychology, I realize this may be a bad thing. Alas, it is what it is. I don’t mind, anyway; I like psychology stuff, and I guess I wouldn’t mind being psycho-analyzed…as long as it’s not me–a character is fine. I remember the teacher in fiction writing telling us never to tell the person you’re reviewing that he/she and his/her character are the same person; eve if the character has no name, we weren’t supposed to say “you” in place of the character. I think that’s interresting [Sigh. Why again?] because (sadly) people do that to me all the time, and now I find myself fighting it. Though, I admit that once you bundle all of my main characters and fascinating characters together (all of which most happen to be girls…besides FM and a few others), you get me. That is done purposefully. I’ve left a token of my psyche for you in each of them.


Let’s see…what else to ramble about?

Well, I love to bake and to bake bread, but lately I’m losing my baking passion because I hate my current bakery job. They’ve killed all the happiness left in me (Don’t tell them I said that; I will once I leave).

I like to play violin, too, and that’s coming back now that baking is waning.

My writing persona is in full force!

I am a three-fold person, by the way: writing, baking, and violin. Writing is my passion, baking is my “career” (dreamers make no money), and violin is my hobby. Who says you can’t have three things you like at once?

Sigh. I shall not bore you any longer. I wish I could say something more…

[FM- Tell them about me!]

No, you.

[FM- Ah, whyever not?]

I…don’t want you to be stolen.

[FM- But that would be tragic~]

You and your tragedies.

[FM- So?]


[Silent sobs]

–___– But we can have a conversation on the next post if I have nothing else to say.

[FM- [hugs me]]

Get off, you!

[FM- I…I am grateful]


[FM- [smiles]]

But you can’t talk.

[Silent “Nooo” and falls]

Haha. So there.

[FM- [silently] So tragic~]


Whatever. I shall depart hence and enjoy the snow as it enriches my dreams~~



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