Author Blog: Round 2–or 4. I Lost Count

Posted On September 12, 2007

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Ever since I became a writer, I have attempted to make and keep a blog for some reason or another. Perhaps I felt because it is my duty…such as all those young entertainers and video-makers flock to Youtube or just as all the artists congregate in Deviantart. There is no real community for us writers online…I find this to be a shame. Sure, there are writer’s groups like Figment and Reviewfuse, but I shall not make mention of my terrible experiences with both sites so as not to offend the few friends I had on those sites. For young writers, however, I find Kidpub to be one of the greatest sites out there. I had a very good experience with that site overall, as well (even though I was “old” and “out-of-place”).

OK. Enough with the marketing. I admit that I have gone through at least 3 or even 4 blogs before forcing myself to start anew on this one you are currently reading. My first was a “fan blog” site that I, being the childish fool I was, spouted nonsense as though I were already published and famous. Also, I posted the entirety of my horrendous first book, of which the chapters were only one or two pages long. This blog has since been destroyed. The second one was the same kind of thing. I didn’t post any stories (I learned by then that they had the potential to be stolen), but I wrote lists of the ideas I had and the titles of stories I was currently writing. That one failed, also. My third one is the completely random “Ephemeral Blog” on my official author’s website:

It has no real significance. I just blab poetically about random thoughts that fly through my head to the tune of the seasons. Also, after every season, the blog shall blow up and start anew…just like the seasons, themselves. I’m still writing about winter.

And, finally, you are staring at attempt number four, which (hopefully) shall contain every essence of my living soul from random things I think about, things I am writing, ideas that have come to me, things I like or am currently obsessed with, and (very hopefully) books I have written that you can find staring at you when you enter the nearest bookstore.


That being said, here is the first boring installment of said blog…

[P.S. Look up ^^]


4 Responses to “Author Blog: Round 2–or 4. I Lost Count”

  1. misfortunedogged

    Musings about your realizations during the writing process, I think, would be great for this blog! Not only would it get your mind churning (so as to keep a consistent post flow this time), but I’m thinking it might also keep the fiction/nonfiction you write going at a steady pace.

    I’m going to put you on my blogroll. I’m interested in thoughts you may have, and I intend to read some of your fiction. So at the least, I can ease your transition into steady blogging by offering (what little) traffic I get.

  2. penguingirl12

    Thanks a lot! I’ll try to do what I can. I hope to post something at least once a week. By musing do you mean posting things like what I’m thinking about during the entire process like where the plot will go or what I should add or change in chapters or things about characters? That seems very interresting…something I haven’t done “aloud” before XD I usually think things like this in the car on the way to school or before I fall asleep…Hmmm

  3. misfortunedogged

    Sure, that is what I mean. And from those changes in plot or structure you’d gradually figure out how your writing style or process develops. Discover things about yourself, one might say. All of this would be helpful to you and those that read your content.

  4. penguingirl12

    All right! I’ll post something about that today!

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