I Almost Won $30,000 (& publishing)

Posted On May 6, 2016

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Direct all attention to this book, which can be bought in print at this website (It’s delivered right to your door!)





That doesn’t even seem possible the more I think about it.

I was grumpy from all the months I spent formatting the book for self-publishing and just kind of said I would enter it into the CHANTICLEER (Chanti-reviews) SOMERSET AWARDS for literary/contemporary novels. So I did. Of course, it takes a while to ehar back, but when I saw my name on the finals list–for the first time ever in my life for anything–I ran screaming around my house for the longest time.

I’ve never won ANYTHING let alone something this big. And to be THAT CLOSE to fame was driving me mad.

Naturally, of course, I’ve been writing like a madwoman ever since that singular day I decided to check whether my internet was working.

As much as I’d love to promote this book out the back door, I can’t do much justice since it’s only on self-published format, and the copies are quite expensive to procure (for me) to go handing them out to everyone I see.


So I will direct you towards the print and to the announcement that I will be making a 113 facts about the novel (in the style of 107 facts if you know about that on Youtube) that I will be posting RIGHT HERE once I get it done. I’d make a video, but I’m too awful at it.


There is also a “sequel” in the future for Beyond the Further Sea which is known as Further Shores Than I Can See.


Right now, I understand what makes Beyond the Further Sea so special, but I still can’t get over it. I’m just glad that literary bigwigs at least pointed my way and said “Hey, This. This is pretty good.”


I’m just on cloud 9 right now.


Facts coming soon!



But wait what’s it about?


A contemporary literary novel for adults and young adults (15+ recommended solely because it’s pretty dark and some bad stuff happens)


When Felicia discovers a stray journal sitting on a park bench, she rescues it from the rain. Finding companionship in the journal’s cream-colored pages, Felicia begins filling it with poems and her letters to the stars as she continues to grieve over the recent death of her sister, Charlotte.

But when the journal’s pages begin to fill mysteriously with other kids’ stories and handwriting, Felicia realizes this is no ordinary notebook.

The kids’ five stories weave in and out, drawing connections between their distant, seemingly-disconnected lives. As contemplates the others’ words and her own, Felicia finally realizes what she must do to move on.

Gripping, emotional, and psychological, this novel draws a thin line between different lives and humanity


[The novel is written in journal-style format with different fonts for each character. Each character, also, writes in a different literary style.

Felicia writes poetry and verse, Aubrey is very traditional, book-report-ish; unnamed boy is very experimental form, Rebecca’s entries are traditional journal-style, and Jason’s are very traditional narrative in style.]


Accept Me. Make Me Relevent

Posted On January 26, 2016

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Touched controversial subjects with panache

created a groundbreaking series that treats children like mature adults and teaches them lessons that will follow them the rest of their life, not following the traditional moral lessons of cartoons but instead focusing on creativity, productivity, honesty, and other values that will turn them into greater adults

make a recording series about talking dogs that not only provides relevance to culture and social media without sounding cliche and stupid but also provides intricate stories about the troubles that come with creativity, 3-dimensional characters, intelligent commentary about life–and not only that, but major episodes feature that social media interaction can bring confidence to shy people and bring them out of their shell if they are willing and a story of “defying fate” that actually follows the intended path, showing that life isn’t all that bad and everything works out for the good. Also religion, ad I am not afraid of that

crafted beautiful, breath-taking books that cover the following subjects: the longing feeling to be something to someone or to reach out but being afraid and shy to do so, personifying facets of a person’s personality into manifested beings that teach us more about ourselves, a story of belonging that covers every magical and kind trait of humanity that can form a more beautiful world, a journal that is shared among 5 different kids whose entries in turn teach each other about what they were missing in life, a novel about the healing power of gems and natural remedies that acts like a magical girl series that focuses on self-healing and emotional self-control
More books include: literary works that unravel the mystery of depression and treat it as it really is, a book that deals with the concept of suicide and paints a world where the main character tries to choose life, an entrancing novel about a mysterious encounter with a ghost that is the thin veil of something that was once rejected without any intention of doing so consciously by the person, story about the odd and intrinsic feeling of being born too late, a book that paints the realities of being psychic, a novel that redefines everyone’s perceptions of writing and living and what makes a real story worthwhile

most defined author of creating characters that feel more real than anyone or anything in this dimensional plane

the only author that could write stories like the ones she pours her soul into for us

contribution of being honest and open about herself and her work without giving in to peer pressure and fame and being completely open about opinions and understanding of others so as to create a path for communication instead of building walls to keep out others’ ideas and opinions

constantly tackles new subjects and ideas with panache

is probably seen as the strangest person alive to not only record episodes on a daily basis but also provides all the voice work for all the characters herself and consistently acts out episodes entirely impromptu. albeit with bad sound quality

inspired multiple kids and adults to start a literary group

consistently donated funds and established fundraisers

formed a society of her own using fan artists to define her work for her, thus establishing careers and prominent names for otherwise unknown artists with great work ethics and boundless talents

much, much more


Please. If you like my resume, accept me into this living world so that I may dazzle all of you.
Please. I promise I can do all of this and more.
Accept me…

ma déclaration

Posted On November 28, 2015

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Sigh. Well, hello there, World. Sigh. Just how do I go about saying all this?

Well, first of all, I feel I should pleadingly express that, as a budding author, I want nothing more fervently than to add my meek voice to this very loud and expressive world in attempt to create thought and to inspire something as we all strive to do when one creates a compelling narrative or spend years upon years imbuing one’s soul into such powerful ideas. I’d really just love nothing more than to know that my words are doing something. That they are filling a void in a young girl’s life or spreading inspiration across a meaningful landscape, igniting love again in humanity.

That being said, I really would just like to say something fully and honestly—without means for offense or really for attention. I have something in my heart that is brimming through me so much that I have to release all my emotions in potent, poetic words. I’m sorry if I happen to get too emotional, but this means a terrible lot to me.

As you all may or may not know about me, I positively adore France and French culture to a near obsessive level. My thoughts are constantly tinted by the Tricolore, and I truly believe my heart resides there even though I have never been once formally graced by the majestic continent’s presence nor have I been privileged to have been discovered to be formally part of the heritage. It may be just a fool’s dream, but I feel such an intrinsic, passionate connection to that land and those people—so much so that the recent events left me entirely heartbroken to a fault as it shattered my life and screeched me to a dull, hollow standstill. So much that the mere smell of true French cuisine wraps me in a gentle embrace and reminds me that I do truly belong somewhere in this meaningless world.

I want to stand even closer. I want to understand even more. Recently, I read an article about how Paris est une Fête (or, as we all know it, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway) became revenant and blossomed as a symbol during these troubled times. Everyone scrounged for a copy in France, holding it dear as a sweet, nostalgic portrayal of Belle Paris that we all hold dearly to our hearts. Paris is, of course, truly Romantic, a vision we all hold dear of a simpler life filled with beauty and latent of troubles. I am no different, of course, for I have always searched for some kind of joy to hold dear to my heart to get me through my depression and other troubles in my life. Nothing brightens my day more. If I dare say, I believe it now more than ever to be true love.

And that’s why it’s confused me more and more that I happened to pick up I’ll Be Waiting For You There Come Tomorrow again now of all times. A book that haunted me in 2014 with its dreamy descriptions of landscape and its simpler portrayal of human ideals and the simplicity of beautiful life comforts me now as I escape to its dewy-eyed and hopeful sonnets and odes to an ideal future we can paint with our own hearts and hands. For scattered moments, I regretted continuing work on my novella; I blamed myself for something that had nothing to do with myself. I wondered why now, of all times, I would think of my beloved France and only cry that it would be lost to words. But that was never the case, was it? Seeing everyone come together and understand with loving words and symbols of Paris… Seeing the French stand together proud of themselves and their culture—untouched. It moved me extremely. I knew it wouldn’t be something that would fade so easily as I had feared. Only a rogue nightmare among a legion of sweet dreams.

That being said, I’d love to contribute to this rising stream of pride and nostalgia. This sense of understanding and connection. I admit right here, right now, that I’ll Be Waiting is entirely about France. The idea came to me just as I was a novice Francophile wondering about the beauty of such a familiar yet mysterious place. Every longing soliloquy about belonging and reaching for the story of the land to take it in loving arms is all me projecting my feelings into the novella’s narrative along with Annistelle and, perhaps to an extension, anyone who feels the same connection and sense of belonging. Yes, certainly, it is a book about many things—simplicity of humanity, what makes us meaningful at our core, seeking the wonder in everything, as well as a sense of belonging that really anyone could attach to themselves and their imaginations. But this, naturally, is what I had in mind all along. And I intend to keep it that way all the way through—even more so now.

And so, in dedication to all those who stand in solidarity with France and dear Paris and all those who stand confident and poised in such a beautiful culture, I shall dedicate this book and my efforts to you. Officially—for the projected publishing day that waits sometime in April 2016. And, not only that, I feel I want to do even more. I hope that, with your help in funding my novel project on Inkshares and supporting my authorial efforts via Twitter, I would love to add a special project to the list and gather the aid of a translator to bring copies of the novella in French, as well. I would be so terribly honored if I could do so.

For now, I will cement this idea as a tier in the novel’s funding project. My first goal is to hit 100 followers (I’m already at 36 and am grateful for each and every one!) and, naturally, to finish penning the full manuscript (which is entirely drafted) in due time before I can set up the official pre-purchase phase in which everyone can buy copies of the book to support its publication. Realistically, I would lean toward setting up the translation goal as the publishing goal reaches near 500 or its full goal for publication, but I would love any support you can give until then.

I’m not quite sure how to put this into words, but please consider helping support me. If you know of a good translator or happen to contact one, I will be forever indebted to you! I’ve been studying French for quite some time, but I’m far from being able to construct my knowledge of the language into a literary format that retains the same ideas I present in my version. But I’d love to learn, naturally.

Meanwhile, please consider supporting my book project on Inkshares[.com] by signing up (for free!) and following my book (also free!) and sharing this note wherever you can post text. Search either author name ~CRK (yes, with that little symbol) or the title I’ll Be Waiting For You There Come Tomorrow (you can shorten it to simply “I’ll Be Waiting”). Follow all updates on Twitter with the hashtag #TBTS to hear more about what’s going on with I’ll Be Waiting!


Thanks to everyone that took the time to read this. It truly means everything to me. I really hope this dream can become a reality. I was in tears when I wrote this, of course (as I always am), professing my passionate desires to reach out and to help others as well as spreading love and meaning.

I hope this letter finds you all well, and I dream of a beautiful future with you as well as returning gently to those dreamy nostalgic days that will always be alive in our hearts.


Follow your dreams,





Yes, I have a Twitter now I am obsessed with:



Here is the convenient link!!!



You can also recommend the book on Facebook and Twitter or share it by e-mail! (hint hint)


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Hello, I’m back part-time with writing as it is. I’ve tried Nanowrimo and haven’t backed down yet even though I’m literally about 6 days behind so far. We’ll see how it goes, eh?

I’ve found a wonderful, beautiful website and community known as INKSHARES where one can post their manuscript or draft or finished novel for potential readers to view and to fund and promote ala Kickstarter. It’s great! But…as I peruse the other books and realize how much I just don’t belong or stand out among the writing community–even the indie thinkers–I wonder…am I really talented?

It seems natural and the norm to write in such an entrancing form of third person when it comes to those kinds of epic novels or basically any book, really. But I’m not gifted in that way at all. In fact, even my styles leave so much to be desired, as I sacrifice my well-being and understanding to take on another’s soul and feelings for them to scribe the words for me. But…is that right? Am I really just…pretending I have some kind of talent? Or am I so “avant-garde” that I don’t even think I have meaning anymore? haha… Or…

It just surprises me. All the books have so much potential on Inshares. They all sound and feel like actual novels. Mine don’t.

I wonder if there should be a time where I learn how to express myself that way–to practice or to relearn how it should be done. To take courses and practice the art of writing.


Should I continue to follow my heart? Even though it doesn’t lead me anywhere… And I’ve lost all faith in myself and any worth I may have had left.

Or maybe… that’s just it. I don’t think I have any worth anymore. No meaning. Nothing I have… makes me feel anything anymore.

It’s not my books. It’s me.

What can I do…

to change myself?

It’s not comforting when it’s my pain I have to deal with. I write drahm novels all day long about other’s ills. I take on everyone’s pain from those succumbed to madness to those dealing with immeasurable loneliness and grief even after 500 years. And yes, it hurts, but I love it because I’m showing someone (even someone “fictional”), that I care with all my being. But when it’s me…

who’s going to care? When there’s no one even there in the first place?

No. I’m not talented. I’m not like everyone else.

I can’t write like that. I can’t understand why I am the way I am.

I can only tell what others tell me. Those from a distant land, plain, or dimension that glimmers only in the soul. Those people that thrive in dreams and dance just outside our reach.

I’m not talented. But…

I have something… I need to do. Stories I need to tell. Souls and friends ethereal that request me so kindly to listen to them.


that’s what I do.

If only someone would read them. And get it.

That I’m not like everyone else at all. And maybe…just maybe… that’s actually OK.

I’m sorry it got emotional all the sudden. That wasn’t my first intention. I’m…

I’m really dangling off the precipice now. I didn’t think it was possible. I’ve…

I’ve never been this depressed and hopeless before.

But I’ll be OK. Just…

in a few months. Maybe…a few years.


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And here it is!


There you can find things about me, my books, some excerpts from books, and the other sites I will be sharing for “official” purposes.

And those sites are:

Author blog:  https://penguingirl12.wordpress.com/
Smashwords Profile:  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ClaireKatsionCRK
Author Website: http://authorcrk.yolasite.com/
Figment Account: http://figment.com/users/193626–CRK

These will also now be branded (or stickered…is that I word?) to the back of each book!

Finally, I’m organized! Also, I promise I will be updating these sites on a regular basis and maintaining that sort of “author status quo” (even though I currently have no reputation).

And as for this blog…I’m terribly sorry that I will not be doing the monthly anime reviews because my new computer refuses to download flash player (maybe it has learned from my past computers’ lives), and so I cannot access Crunchyroll at all. SIGH.

So please expect the usual “weekly ramblings” to return…at least after May ends.

Have a wonderful day!


SFC Now Available in Print!!

Good news! My debut novel is now available in print at this wonderful website!


Please check it out and share it with your friends! I will definitely be publishing many more books in the future at this site and at Smashwords, so please check back often! (Probably yearly)

The sequel to SFC, Step-by-Step, will be there hopefully before the end of the year!

Thanks to all my readers and all those who support books in print!


P.S. To all you self-publishers out there, Lulu.com is a great website and company, and I recommend it to anyone who is considering self-publishing and particularly wants to see their books in print! It is mainly for having a copy of your own, but you can also distribute your books and get professional help with formatting, editing, cover design, and even marketing! But, if you’d like to go the total indie and cheap route (like I did lol), you can also make your print copy entirely by yourself with their simple guides and templates. Proof copies of books are only $3! (but shipping is another story) And all copies you wish to order yourself are at a discounted price.
Happy publishing and writing!

Saying What You Want to Say

I must admit that when I first wrote a book and first asked a friend (one of my teachers) to look over it and edit it for me, I was really surprised at what feedback I received. The majority of problems were in what the text either left out or what I didn’t clarify quite well. Naturally, being a kid with an overactive imagination, everything seemed there in my head, and I needed no clarification because I knew everything about the world, setting, characters, and plot inside-out and backwards. But that doesn’t mean the reader knows, as well.

Over this cold and long winter, I had the privilege to take a break and relax at home for basically the entire season. During this time, I could finally catch up on some anime I wanted to see. One of those such anime was Glasslip, a surreal and everyday story that seems intriguing on the surface but that fails at exactly the topic of this post: it tried too hard to be prophetic that it had no idea what it was saying, nor did it convey any sort of cohesive idea. I mean, sure, it was fun to ride along with the anime and take a peek into the characters’ everyday lives as they mulled over the future and their relationships with themselves, but the themes made about as much sense as the title, and there was never any slight confirmation that all the watchers’ comments below the video speculating on what kind of message the anime is trying too hard to portray was even there, let alone with answers or clues intentionally sprinkled in.

What was the deal with the snowglobe metaphor? What happened after the seemingly abrupt ending? These questions and many more cannot be answered completely because there were no clues or ground on which to base them that were included within the realm of the anime–which is the sole final say about whether one’s interpretation and theory is true. And whether you are one of those people that say “Well, it’s ‘abstract,’ so you just make it what you want” or “Maybe it is meant to be that way,” I just have to say one thing. The whole reason fanfictions and speculations exist is because the anime or narrative or whatever it is has a very good idea of what it is. Every book or movie or animation has to first know what it is, what sort of vibe it portrays, what kinds of ideas fall into its belief system and personality. From there, hints and open-ended ideas are taken in by the fans because, most often, there were clues along the way that pointed clearly to it following one path or another–this is the path or “alternate story” that the fanfiction writer attempts to create. In Glasslip, in order to write a fanfiction, you’d literally have to just stop and rewrite the whole thing as though you were an editor. And that’s saying something.

So, how does one go about making sure that the novel’s or script’s ideas are clearly conveyed or, at the very least, hinted in the narrative? Simple. Have others read it! After you get used to the idea of how simple people, educated people (like your Lit professor), or a different mix of people interpret the book, you will be able to go through the story yourself and be able to recognize things that may throw off or confuse readers. Some people say the simplest way is to “over-describe,” but I am here to tell you that is not the best way to go about it. Too much description may make it worse and will most likely narrow down the possibilities (unless you want readers to see this particular thing in only one possible way). Like I said, the best way really is to ask others to read it and have them ask you any questions freely as they read. If they are simple questions like “Where are we, again?” or “Who is talking here?” then that is a simple fix. If it is more complex like “Where did this come from? That doesn’t seem in character for this person,” or “I thought the theme was about unity; why are they supporting disharmony here?” then this is the time for you to evaluate the book, its themes, and characters quite well to determine what you are trying to convey first and then how properly to relay that in scenes, dialog, narration, or symbols. It is a skill that gets better with practice.

Glasslip is a 12-episode anime, and most 12-episode anime are packed with ideas and events. This anime was very loose with only vague ideas. If you are curious on what not to do or how to confuse readers, I suggest you watch a few episodes (preferably the whole thing, though that’s a little silly) going into the story with the expectation that you will find out, in the end, about these five things [disclaimer: you don’t, but this is part of the fun in practicing what you could add to the scenes or dialog to present these answers or to include these scenes. So, keep in mind that there may not be answers to these questions]

1- Who Johnathan the chicken is…or basically what the chickens themselves represent
2- The deal with the snow inside the schoolyard (someone said it could be a snowglobe metaphor, but that’s anyone’s guess) and how it relates to the themes presented
3- What the fragments of the future were trying to predict (metaphorically) instead of what they actually showed or what Touko thought they were.
4- What the “persona switch” episode (epi 11) meant (besides her sympathizing with “David”)
5- The overall theme of the anime (and don’t say “the future is a mystery”) [as it ties in with the sub-themes]
Bonus: Where the whole philosophical and artistic angle (with the references in episode one [concerning the chickens and the school]) went after that conversation ended.

I’d tell you my thoughts, but that’s for another day, I suppose. Really, these could be anyone’s guess, and there would be no teacher’s guide to compare it to, for there is nothing in the anime that says each thing is one way or another!

In the end, practice looking for ideas and consistency in books or animation you like. Try using that perspective in your writing to make for a better dialog with the reader. I hope, in a small way, I was able to convey properly what I was trying to say in this post. It is quite a difficult topic! When in doubt, pretend you are in a classroom and there is one student out of the 15 that doesn’t get the concept–work around that; try to explain it in a different way, maybe in a symbol or in a line of dialog. Just don’t be too straightforward like the bane of the obvious “Well, duh! The chickens represent the friends, silly!” she yelled out with a beaming smile. Be more subtle like, “I guess you guys are my new friends now, huh?” she muttered with a simper, picking at the ground with a fallen stick. “Huh. Strange. There are five of you, too…One for each of my friends. Well, I guess it all works out then.”


To watch Glasslip (if you are terminally bored)

It is only in Japanese, but thankfully, there are English subtitles included. That barely helps in your understanding, though.

This year, I plan to finish and publish at least 2 (if not 3) novels and at least 2 kids’ books. So please look forward to that. They will all have the usual prices (except maybe a certain book which I cannot stand for some reason): 2.95 for main novels and 0.99 for books!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted something on here for the longest time. The weekly ramblings may be more sporadic, but I want to write more posts on topics like this (more writing tips and things), so please be patient. Any comments or critiques or things you’d like to see in the future? Feel free to leave a comment!

My current stories and books for sale! 2 main novels are present!

For all those inquisitive minds, I wrote this post while listening to the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby soundtrack. Gotta love those songs.

A Literary Blog I Made!

Posted On December 20, 2014

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Attention all novice, indie, or young authors! Here is a literary blog I made to form a community of writers! please follow it and submit your works for honest review!


Fancy Ladies Club Book One Out Now!


Book one of the Fancy Ladies’ Club series is officially published and available for purchase at Smashwords.com! Because pictures and things are not recommended on e-books (and because yours truly is technologically-challenged), here are the extra pages of the book with puzzles and the collectable calling cards. It is on a Powerpoint document, and I locked it so you can only print it and not modify it at all. Sorry about that. I thought it would be nice for readers to be able to print out the puzzles and cards. Hopefully someday the book will be in print so we don’t have to worry about this kind of nonsense…hehe

Happy reading! ^_^


Website is here:


P.S. This was originally an idea my mom pitched to me, and I kinda made fun of it for a while. Now, it’s one of my favorite series… I will definitely keep writing these books. (I have a total number planned…but that number is a secret…)

Do Ya See What I’m Sayin’?

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Sigh. There is only one thing that bothers my mind lately as I walk from the path of author to the path of baker/pastry chef/chocolatier once again (Yes, I am frolicking in chocolate now. I love to temper chocolate…it’s therapeutic). It is a singular issue that bothered me while in school one day. It is the fact that apparently there are some people out there that have absolutely no concept of reading comprehension. And by that I mean even simple sentences and concepts. What is a writer to do in these sort of situations?

As someone who mainly writes because the forces within my soul compel me to do so, I tend not to pay head to those who will eventually be receiving and reading said 86 novels (I am seriously up to 86 now. Or maybe even more than that…). Though, I have been getting better lately. It used to be that I wasn’t very good at analyzing texts (I still am not a genius in this), so I would often include simple explanations or rewordings of things I previously stated or of symbols and allusions included in the book that are too important to be glossed over. This is where my famous “~CRK sentences” come in handy. In addition, I make sure that I don’t include obviously difficult material or big words in books intended for kids and label super-intelligent books with the FM seal (Nah, just kidding. But there are some books on par with FM’s brand of genius). But is that really enough? How can we make it so that these books can be enjoyed and understood by anyone?

Well, there are some things authors can do (Besides write our own Sparknotes–just kidding). Consider the reader. While there are some out there that are really intuitive and capable of picking up on all the subtle literary devices, some people can’t find them as easily (I am included, by the way…to a small extent). So, including a simple summary in the form of a sentence or even a line of dialog can assist those in understanding what is going on so far. It is too much to have a whole chapter or insane paragraph explaining everything because then those who know everything already get super bored. I admit to sometimes giving in and including a whole section of explanation, so I’m not a perfect writer. We can also talk to our readers and maybe hold a small meeting or make a video discussing or explaining the main themes and points we wanted to convey in our books. It is OK for people to read things differently and to have unique opinions about things, but it is a different thing entirely if a simple sentence isn’t conveyed or understood. Be patient and try your best. (That goes for everyone I suppose)

(Sorry that this post is rather short and vague…I am not well-versed on research and that, and if I try to write a research paper, it will literally never get written)


Currently, I am getting back into baking and am making chocolates (homemade) and cookies for Christmas baskets. Please try some of my artisan chocolates. Meanwhile, I write out the plots of my new novels.


I will attempt to begin my debut on the video side of things…because I have a little obsession in making recordings.

Unfortunately, they will be audio only for the most part…but I shall start with a Let’s Play series about Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and then start in with my “A Fellow Pastry Chef Analyzes Yumeiro Patissiere” (one of my favorite anime for completely sentimental and nostalgic reasons).

Please bear with me as I know not what I am doing when it comes to technology ^_^’

But there will be pictures and side-comments in addition to the audio, so you can look for those—unless you want to just turn on the video and listen (or play along with the video game).

(Other things I have in mind will include reading my novels for no good reason and uploading “watch me type” videos I make via the magical device known as Hypercam 2)

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